My Favorite Battle Theme From Fire Emblem Engage

About a month ago, I finished playing through Fire Emblem Engage on hard mode. I really enjoyed the story, but most of all, the music. I think the music is single handedly one of the best parts about the game. In this article, I will be talking about one of my favorite battle theme from the game.


Battle Theme

Tear Streaked is my favorite battle music from Engage. I think it is better than the main theme, and every other theme. Here are my reasons why I believe so.

I think the theme fits perfectly with the map that it is on. I like how epic it sounds because of the violins. The build up to the main drop is very good, I like the intensity of it.

However, there is a couple things I do not like about it. This goes for most of the music in Engage as well. Most of them have a really long build up, it usually takes over 1 or 2 minutes to get to the main drop. That kind of annoys me because I usually like listening to the main drop since it just is so good.

Comparing Engage to Three Houses and Three Hopes, Three Houses and Three Hopes, in my opinion tend to have better music. Mainly because you don’t have to wait over a minute to get to the good part of the track.

I am currently replaying Three Hopes on maddening, I just chose the blue lion route. This will be interesting since I’ve always played it on coop and on the hard mode.



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