The Boss that Surprised Me – Dragon Quest XI

I am about 50 hours into Dragon Quest XI, and I am really enjoying the game. Once I got to part 2 of the game, I felt that a lot of the bosses were pretty easy. However, I just encountered a boss that was hard enough for me to lose and die.



Indignus, part of the Spectral Sentinels was pretty hard in my opinion. He was the one who was watching Erik after Yggdrasil fell. I should’ve saw how hard it was going to be since he beat Erik while he was powered up by the Seer.

My whole part was between the levels 46-47 when I fought him the first time. It was very hard to beat, and I even lost.


After failing, I went to the mountain right outside Hotto, and into the cave to farm some Hardy Hands. The Hardy Hand gives a lot of experience so I fought 3 and used the Luminary, Erik, and Jade’s pep power, which has the chance at giving extra experience. I did that and also farmed some metal slimes in the Heliodor region. After that, I also reforged new weapons and armor for everyone.

Now I was ready to face the boss again, but at level 50 and way better gear. It was still a little bit difficult, but not as hard. I just had to make sure Indignus was blunted at all times. I would recommend being at least level 50 when you fight Indignus. Otherwise, you are going to need really good gear. The gear I had before was mainly purchased from the shops. However, it’s better to reforge them so you can get the extra bonus stats.

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