Best Judge Skin in Valorant

When you are on defense, the judge is a good option for a save round. I feel that a skin is a necessity if you are going to use the judge. In this article I will be going over the best judge skins in Valorant.



Glitchpop Judge

Glitchpop judge in my opinion is the best judge skin in the game. I think the sound effects are really nice. My favorite color variant is the red and white one. Many people use this skin, it’s one of the most popular ones out there. It is definitely worth the hype in my opinion.



Elderflame is also another good option. The finisher animation is what makes this skin worth it. The sound effects also sound really good. This skin line however, is one of the most expensive in the game. So, if you would prefer to save a little money, I would go with the Glitchpop judge.



If you are looking for a clean simplistic judge, I would definitely recommend the Chronovoid judge. This gun has a really clean skin design, isn’t too flashy, but still looks very nice. The sound effects when you inspect it and when you get a kill is satisfying.

These are the judge skins I recommend buying if you are looking to buy one.

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