Does Warming Up Actually Matter – Valorant

Many low ranked players think a good warm up routine will make you better and more consistent at Valorant. Whether that be making up their own routine, copying a youtubers, or just doing deathmatch. As a player who reached immortal, I will give my opinion on warming up and if it actually is helpful or not.


Warming up is usually consists of players using aim labs, the range, or just deathmatch. The reason people do this is to warm up their aim, and get a feel for the game. The reason people do this is because they think it’ll help them play better before their next match. Many people warm up because they see their favorite players warming up in aim labs and see their insane aim and think that can be them one day.


My Opinion

I believe warming up can be beneficial. In my opinion, the main purpose of warming up is to boost your confidence, but it doesn’t affect how you will play in the game that much. You can go 40 and 12 in deathmatch and still be the bottom frag in your next ranked game. I believe this is the case because when you play deathmatch or aim labs it isn’t scenario based. In deathmatch you’re just running around and shooting people. In aim labs, you are working on your aim mechanics like tracking and flicking. In an actual ranked game, people are going to use abilities and have teammates. So warming up won’t actually prepare you for the fights you are going to get when you actually play a ranked game.

In conclusion, if you think warming is actually helping you play better, then I would suggest continuing to do so. However, I would ask you to actually reflect on if warming up is actually making you play better or are you just performing the same without it.

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