Valorant Tips That Will Help You Rank Up

Ranking up in Valorant may be hard at times. You might be having an off day, or you might get bad teammates. Well, there are things you can do to maximize your chances of winning. In this article, I will be giving some tips that helped me get to Immortal.Immortal

Stop Tilt Queuing

Something that has definitely helped me rank up was not tilt queuing. Tilt queueing is where you continue to queue ranked games even when you don’t feel like playing anymore. That could be because you are on a loss streak, tired, or you are playing bad. This tip will definitely save you your RR as it did for me. I would sometimes continue queuing game after game even after losing 4 in a row. Sometimes, it’s better to get off and have a mental reset.


Duo Queuing

Something else that helped me win a lot more games is duo queueing. I would queue with friends I knew which made the game more enjoyable. If you are enjoying the game more, you are likely to play better. That was the case for me, I queued with my friends and I would win a lot more games than I did before. I would not get tilted as much and would just have fun with them.


Sometimes I get teammates who don’t speak at all. That is frustrating sometimes not getting any comms. However, if you start talking, other people might turn on their mics as well. This is usually the case, once someone starts speaking, other people follow. Also, when you communicate with your teammates, be kind or else you might tilt them and they might start playing worse or even throw.

Agent Selection

You should only play agents you know how to play, and are comfortable on. I get many random teammates who fill but don’t know how to use agents abilities correctly. The worst thing that can happen is if you get a teammate who fills like a Kayo or a Skye and ends up flashing the team. That will definitely tilt the team and hurt you in the end. If you are only comfortable with 1 agent then you should lock that agent instantly in the agent select menu.

These are tips that don’t rely on your skill at all. Anyone can use these tips and win a lot more games and rank up faster. So go out there and apply these tips and rank up.

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