My Opinion On Clove – Valorant

It’s been approximately two weeks since Clove made their debut, and despite watching avidly, I hadn’t taken the plunge to play as them until today. My observations and experiences with Clove have left me with some intriguing insights.


My Thoughts

I must say, Clove is an exceptional agent. Their abilities are truly unique, with their smokes standing out prominently. The ability to deploy smokes after death for teammates has proven to be a game-changer in numerous clutch situations. I vividly recall an instance where an opposing Clove cleverly smoked off their own teammate while they were defusing, leaving me unable to reach the smoke in time to thwart their plans. Additionally, Clove’s over heal ability, coupled with the accompanying speed boost, is undeniably powerful. And let’s not forget their meddle ability, which effectively weakens enemies, rendering them vulnerable with just a few shots.

Despite my admiration for Clove’s abilities, my first foray into playing them a couple of hours ago was met with some challenges. While Clove’s kit is designed to balance fragging potential with supportive capabilities, I found myself struggling to win gunfights. However, I recognize that this might not necessarily be a flaw in the agent’s design but rather a learning curve on my part.


One aspect of Clove’s kit that left me somewhat dissatisfied was the short duration of the over heal. While I understand the necessity of balancing the agent’s strengths, I can’t help but feel that a slightly longer duration would better suit their role.

Looking ahead, I anticipate seeing more Clove action in VCT as teams adapt to utilizing this versatile agent. With time and practice, I’m confident that Clove will become an integral part of competitive play, bringing a fresh dynamic to the battlefield.

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