A Team of Four Pokemon Go Spoofers

Yesterday, April 29, 2017, we gathered up a few friends to go hiking with us on West Tiger Mountain. We needed a discover pass, which was a ticket that you put in your car whenever you visit a Washington State Park. It was a wonderful 3.3 mile hike. We climbed and climbed, enjoying the wonderful views. We encountered three gyms there, and the five of us took down the gyms, which were mainly level 2 with one Pokemon inside. We placed all five of our Pokemon inside and continued hiking. It took us a little more than 2 hours to reach the top, and the view was extremely underwhelming. We got to the gym, and the signal was really bad. It kept switching between 2 bars of LTE to 5 bars of 3G and 5 bars of E and H. There were only two Pokemon in the top gym, so after around 35 minutes of disconnects, we finally got all five of us inside. The time was roughly 1:00 pm. We went down and went to eat lunch at a nearby restaurant at 

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Spoofers Galore in Pokémon GO!

Three words I have to say about this game: Too many spoofers.

In case some of you haven’t caught on, spoofing is short for GPS spoofing, or basically changing your location by cheating.

On Monday, January 2, 2017, we went to Cougar Mountain again to see if the spoofers were still there or not. It was such a bad idea to go mainly for three reasons:

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