Dart Monkey Guide – Which Dart Monkey Is Best? – BTD6

The dart monkey, the most recognizable monkey of all. It’s a great starting tower, and has decent popping power. However, with the many new upgrades, I’ve been wondering which one is best?

BTD5 vs BTD6 Dart Monkeys

The BTD6 dart monkey is very interesting. It is both similar and different from the BTD5 dart monkeys. The BTD6 description reads:

Throws a single dart at nearby Bloons. Short range and low pierce but cheap.

The 0-0 dart monkey in BTD5 pops one bloon per shot. Pierce 1, damage 1.

Just so we’re clear, pierce refers to how many bloons a single projectile goes through before expiring. Damage refers to how many layers of bloon that each projectile does. For example, 2 damage would pop one rainbow bloon into two white and two black bloons, skipping the zebra layer.

The 0-0-0 dart monkey in BTD6 pops two bloons per shot. Pierce 1, damage 1. Same as BTD5.

Here’s a table I made of the total cost/selling price of all Dart Monkey variants on all difficulties, as of v2.0.0. https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1MmlrHkcqwYhlqWOWFIXbt_f8P8kcCJswmYEL9Di5T8U

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BTD6 Banana Farm Comparison – Farm Guide – Which One Is Best? – Updated to v18.0!

Since I’ve done analysis on BTD5’s banana farm, I’ve decided to do the same for BTD6.

Here’s my data that I’ve created: BTD6 Banana Farm Spreadsheet (it’s up to date with version 8.0.0)

The BTD6 Banana Farm is interesting, as it is similar to the BTD5 banana farm with a few quirks. The description for the BTD6 Banana Farm reads:

Generates Bananas each round that convert the game money to spend on more stuff.

BTD5 vs BTD6 Banana Farms

Banana farms in general are much less efficient in BTD6 than in BTD5. Here are some comparisons.

The BTD5 4-2 Banana Factory costs a total of $24,440 on medium difficulty, and creates $3000 per round, meaning it pays itself off in 8.13 rounds. The BTD6 equivalent, 4-2-0 costs $25,850 and produces $1875 per round on medium with no monkey knowledge. This means that it takes 13.79 rounds to pay itself off. The 5-2-0 in BTD6 costs a whopping $135,850 and only makes $5,625 per round, meaning that it takes 24.15 rounds to pay itself off.

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