The best way to earn tickets for the year 300 raffle – Hypixel Skyblock


With Hypixel Skyblock reaching 300 in-game years (1,500 real-life days), the Admins have decided to do something special.

By just being on Hypixel Skyblock, you earn raffle tickets that give you a chance to earn huge prizes during the Skyblock Year 300 (5 real-life days). Some of the top prizes from the raffle include Necron’s Handles, Divan’s Alloys, and Warden Hearts!

The event is already underway. You can find more information in the Patch notes.

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This New Minion Upgrade Makes 16 mil/day! – Hypixel Skyblock

The Rift is the newest edition to Hypixel Skyblock. The Rift has tons of new content and items that will help both early game and late game earn lots of money. In this article, I will tell you about a new minion upgrade that can help your minions make over 16,000,000 coins per day. These minions beat corrupted slime minions by 10,000,000 coins!

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