The Highest Stats I’ve Ever Seen – Fire Emblem Heroes

A while ago, I got my brother to start playing Fire Emblem Heroes.

When I encouraged him to play Aether Raids, something interesting happened.

I didn’t know that if you’re in a low tier of Aether Raids, you get a massive fort level advantage.

That leads to really amazing stats!

Just take a look at these screenshots of his units. Note that they aren’t merged, because my brother is also free to play, by the way. They are also not summoner supported.

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Top 1k Allegiance Battles – Fire Emblem: Heroes

Ever since the Allegiance Battles game mode came out in Fire Emblem: Heroes, and I’ve successfully summoned a pair-up hero, I’ve been scoring in the top 1k most of the time.

As of December 22, 2019 (the previous week), the base score you need to achieve top 1k is: 744. If you have 742 (2 point difference), then you will not be in the top 1k.

The score floor will likely to increase in the future. To achieve the score needed to achieve top 1k, you need:

  • The maximum Synergy Bonus (as of December 22: 36)
  • The maximum Friend Bonus (24)
  • The maximum Quest Bonus (25)
  • All the bonus kills using the pair-up allies (50)
  • All the color advantage kills (100)

This will result in a score of 979, in which I ranked about 740 out of 1000.

Here’s a screenshot from the current week (12/23/2019 – 12/30/2019):


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FE Heroes Arena Tier 20.5 (Dec 2019 Arena Progress Update)

Just before the latest update to the arena scoring system, I was maintaining tier 20.75, where I was able to maintain tier 21 on most weeks, but sometimes, I dropped back to tier 20.

However, after the new changes where if the bonus unit gets one kill, you get 12 bonus points occurred, my tier has been downgraded to tier 20.5.

Note: I am still F2P btw and haven’t spent a single dollar on the game.

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Rokkr Sieges Tips, Tricks, and Strategy – How to Score Higher – Fire Emblem Heroes


In Fire Emblem: Heroes, a new game mode has been released! Yay! More content! It’s actually decently fun… at least for now. It also has plenty of rewards, so scoring high is somewhat important.

In this game mode, your team of four heroes attempts to deal as much damage as possible to the boss (also known as the Rokkr) within 7 turns of combat. There is a damage multiplier, which means you can deal huge amounts of damage in one turn.


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