The Difference Between High and Low Elo

Some people may think the difference between a ascendent and an immortal player is just there rank. However, that isn’t the case, there is much more to it. In this article, I will be going over the difference between those two players.



Something that I have noticed in low ranked players, is that there mechanics are not that good. The aim mechanic is a big difference between lower ranked players and higher ranked players. However, once you get towards platinum and above, the aim difference isn’t that big. From my own personal experience, some platinum players have insane aim, sometimes you get players that will tap your head the instant you peak a corner. My friend who is platinum, is an example of an insane player, just take a look at this stats.


However, if you compare the aim between an ascendent and an immortal, there probably won’t be too big of a difference.

One big difference I would say between people below immortal, is game sense. Game sense is basically the ability to read the game and predict enemy activity. For example, I can read enemies pretty well in diamond and ascendent. Let me show you an example.

Read Like a Book

First picture

I am in a 1v1 situation, with spike down on site. Yoru just killed my teammate tower. What would most people do in this situation? Would you smoke it off and play site? Smoke off heaven and go alley? Would you play back-site? Peak heaven? What I did was smoke heaven, walked through b-main to mid, into vents and played A heaven.


Why would I do that? I made presence B already by smoking and killing one of Yoru’s teammates about 10 seconds before smoking, so Yoru would think I was B. Since I was fighting Yoru, he can just grab spike and Teleport to A. That’s what I thought he was going to do. So I went A and waited for him.


He did exactly that and teleported main after planting. Since I was heaven, I heard that teleport and walked slowly to find him looking screens thinking I would be from B.

Something else to note, I believe ascendent players are way more toxic than higher ranked players. Most of them have a tendency to back seat, talk trash, and overall just be toxic to people who aren’t playing well.

Those are the differences between people below immortal, and immortal players.

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