Games I Would Recommend Playing

I’ve played many games over these past couple years. Each game stand out in its own way, however, some games in my opinion are better than others. I will be ranking each game I played over the past couple years.



Valorant has to be my favorite game that I’ve played over the past couple years. What makes it fun is the competitive aspect as well as being able to do that with friends. Playing alone isn’t as fun when you can play with other people. One of the best moments I remember is reaching immortal, that was a pretty big accomplishment for me.


Dragon Quest 11

Dragon quest 11 is one of my new favorite games. I finished the game with around 80 hours of game play. I really enjoyed the story and all the plot twists that occurred. I would definitely recommend this game, the gameplay and the plot are really enjoyable. The voice acting is also top tier, especially Rab’s voice acting.

Fire Emblem Engage

Engage, similar to Dragon Quest, has some top tier music. The music in my opinion takes too long to get to the good part though. The story had me really hooked though, I remember I was so addicted, I once played like 7 hours straight. The cutscenes in Engage are top tier, the quality and graphics are very good. I found this game very enjoyable.


Fire Emblem Three Hopes

Fire Emblem Three Hopes was also a very good game. I thought all the music tracks were super good, except those from like Claude’s route. What I didn’t like too much about this game though was preparing at the beginning of each chapter, sometimes that took up to an hour. I’ve played through each route twice, because it was that good. Maddening difficulty isn’t that hard, you just have to level up to like 60+ and it will get pretty easy.


Fire Emblem Three Houses

I enjoyed three houses, I thought the story was unique. I also thought it was pretty fun the first time. What got to me though, is the prep, that takes way too long. Prepping multiple times per moth got to me, and I got too tired of that. The music was epic, Dimitri’s route had the best music in my opinion. The cut scenes were good, but not that good compared to the newer games, but it was pretty good for its time. The

Three Houses


Even though this game came out super long ago, the game is very advanced for its time. Although there isn’t much of a story to it, the game play is enjoyable. There isn’t any prep, which I like. It’s like Clash of Clans, you upgrade as you go.


Fire Emblem Warriors

I understand that Warriors was the first ever Warriors type Fire Emblem game, however, the game wasn’t that enjoyable. The plot was repetitive, seeing the same thing multiple times wasn’t enjoyable. After playing Three Hopes, the controls felt weird, it was missing the nice UI and graphics. The voice acting wasn’t that good either, which made me not like the game so much.

Fire Emblem Warriors

These are games I would recommend playing if you are looking for new games to play.

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