Extremely Lucky Summons FEH

July’s mythic hero banner was released, and it had some heroes that I want to summon for. Since I am a fan of Fire Emblem: Three Houses and Fire Emblem: Three Hopes, I wanted to summon for Arval, and Ingrid. I recently summoned on the remix banner for B! Chrom, therefore I was low on orbs. Luckily, I hadn’t played in the past 2 years, so I haven’t farmed up the orbs from the mythic hero special maps.


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Step 1 of Building Fallen Chrom – FEH

A couple months ago, I had summoned enough to +10 Fallen Chrom. Since Fallen Chrom is a rearmed hero, his skills can be inherited without losing him. Currently in the remix banner, there is CYL! Chrom who has Spd/Def Near Trace 3 and Surge Sparrow which will be really good for Fallen Chrom. Since I saved up 143 orbs I decided to summon for 2 CYL Chrom’s, 1 for my collection and 1 to fodder him.



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