BTD5 Banana Farm Analysis – Bank vs. Factory

When I first played BTD5, I always used the 4-2 Banana Research Facility. However, I wanted to know whether the banana farm or the banana bank was more efficient to buy. I’ve never used the banks in a real game, since I’ve always heard that they weren’t as good. However, I decided to test this out for myself.

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BTD5 vs BTD6 Bomb Tower and Boomerang Popping Power

So, with BTD6 just being recently released, I’ve played a ton of it. I’m now rank 50 and have played almost every map in the game with the exception of the expert maps.

I’ve noticed that in this game, Round 63, 76, and 68 are much harder than in the original BTD5. I hypothesized that certain towers got nerfed, so I decided to do some testing. Let’s investigate the pierce of certain high-popping power towers, which include the glaive ricochet boomerang and the bomb tower.

Note: my method of testing the pierce of all towers mentioned in this post are through the sandbox mode. I set the spacing of the bloons to 0 and the count to 300, and I would send one red bloon, which would send 300 of them on top of each other. With BTD5, I use sandbox mode with regrow farms. Note that I did not test out Bloons Monkey City or Bloons TD Battles.

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