BTD Battles Mobile Strategy

This works about 70% of the time, or so I’ve played.

I usually play the battle arenas on lead dungeon.

Get the banana farm, dart monkey, and sniper monkey.

First, get a banana farm on round one. Use one road spikes to keep it no lives lost. Before round 2, get your banana farm up to 1-0 (1 upgrade on the left and 0 on the right).

On round 2, get a 3-0 dart monkey and then save up for another farm. This should hold off the reds if your opponent sends some.

At or slightly before round 4, you should have two 1-0 farms. If you’re on a map that can’t fit two farms, such as the snowy castle, then upgrade your farm to a 2-0.

On round 4 get another 3-0 dart monkey. You now should have two 2-0 dart monkeys.

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