Farming Pumpkins and Sugarcane Guide – Hypixel Skyblock


Want an early-game way to make some quick money on Hypixel Skyblock? Well you’re in luck. Today, we’ll be showing you how we farm pumpkins and sugarcane in Hypixel Skyblock.

Why Farm At All?

Well, there are a few reasons for why we should farm.

First, farming is a way for you to get Farming XP. Getting additional farming levels will increase your base HP. You can also level up the Farmhand skill, which allows you to get additional drops from every harvest.

One level in farming equates to one level in farmhand.

Every level of farmhand will increase your chance of getting double drops. At farming I, you have a 4% chance of getting double drops. This increases by 4% for every farmhand level. At level XV (25), you have a 100% chance of getting double drops. At level 26, you have a 100% chance to get a second drop, but you now also have a 4% chance to get a triple drop. So, by farming L (50), you have a 100% chance to get triple drops. Pretty cool right?

Another reason you should level up your farming a bit is to get extra HP. Here is an HP increasing table:

Farming Level HP Gained on Level Up
I – XIV (1 – 14) +2
XV – XIX (15 – 19) +3
XX – XXV (20 – 25) +4
XXVI – L (26 – 50) +5

In total, you can get an extra 192 health from leveling up farming. Not bad.

Farming also is a decent way to earn money other than farming for Summoning Eyes.

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Hypixel Skyblock Dragons – How much damage do you need to get top 3? – Average Damage to Dragons

Percentage Damage To Dragons vs Placement (1)

Recently, I’ve been wondering how much damage people do to the Ender Dragon.

If we can figure out the average, then we should be able to find out how much damage we need to do to basically guarantee to score in the top 3 most of the time.

So, I’ve started keeping track!

I knew that dragons have different levels of health, meaning that the most effective way to calculate how much damage you need to do is calculate the percentage of the dragon’s health the first place person must do.

In the May 13, 2020 Skyblock update, all dragons had their health increased. All of the data used in this take place after the May 13th dragon health update.

Why should we want to do more damage?

The higher you are on the damage leaderboard displayed at the end of the dragon fight, the rewards should be better. If you place in the top 7, you can get 4-5 frags. Placing in the top 3 will get you at least 8 frags. If you get top damage without placing eyes, you have a chance of obtaining boots, helmet, claw, or 13 frags.

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Are Dragons Profitable? – Hypixel Skyblock


For a while, I’ve been wondering… are dragons profitable?

As most of you have probably experienced, the answer is no, they are not profitable… well, unless you’re the lucky one to get a superior chestplate from your first dragon.

In this post, I’ll explain how dragon loot drops work, and look at some data to see if it’s profitable.

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Useful Resources and Websites for Hypixel Skyblock

In July 2019, I joined Hypixel Skyblock. In short, it’s a clicking simulator, but at least it’s a fun clicking simulator. It’s a game all about spending countless hours farming resources in order to progress and upgrade your character. Overall, it’s been a pretty fun time sink.

One thing I noticed about Hypixel Skyblock is that there are a lot of creators who create tools and resources for other people to use. I noticed how there was no real “centralized” location for new players to learn about these websites and tools.

So, I’ve compiled a list of most of the helpful resources that I’ve used when playing Hypixel Skyblock.

SkyBlock Addons Mod

Link and installation info:

This is a useful mod that is allowed for use in Hypixel Skyblock. Many of the popular YouTubers use this, and so does the majority of the Skyblock playerbase.

Notes about this are that this mod is very customizable, and there are many settings to go through. I recommend looking up some YouTube videos of this mod before installing, which can be found in the post linked above.

Note: this does require you to play on 1.8.9. If you like playing in the current versions of Minecraft, I recommend finding a resource pack of the newer textures to use.

One such texture pack can be found here:

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Summoning Eye Drop Rates – Hypixel Skyblock


Recently, my brother and I have been playing a ton of Hypixel Skyblock. We’re in the late game, and recently bought our first 50 million midas sword. After farming a ton of zealots for money in order to afford the sword, I was curious to know the summoning eye drop rates, and how many eyes the average player gets after slaying 1000 zealots.

How Do We Get Summoning Eyes?

A summoning eye has a 100% chance from dropping from a Special Zealot. A Special Zealot looks like a normal Zealot, but is holding an end portal frame. Zealots holding an ender chest are not Special Zealots. Those Zealots can drop Enchanted End Stone, Enchanted Obsidian, Enchanted Ender Pearls, or Crystal Frags.


Located in the end dimension, any of the naturally-spawning lv. 55 13,000 health Zealot Endermen (located in the dragon’s nest) can spawn in a Special Zealot. There is a 1/420 chance of this happening. Special Zealots have much less health than a regular Zealot. It gets aggressive just like a normal Zealot, but does much less damage.

Zealots spawned using ender pearls are not capable of summoning a Special Zealot.

Once a normal Zealot spawns in a Special Zealot, the player who “owns” the special zealot will get a message in their chat window “A special Zealot has spawned nearby!“. Other nearby players can see the Special Zealot, even though it doesn’t belong to them. Other players can slay the Special Zealot, but its drops can only be picked up by the Zealot’s “owner”, unless 5 seconds have passed since the Special Zealot has been slain and the Summoning Eye has not been picked up yet. Summoning eyes belong to the person who spawned in the Special Zealot, not the person that killed it.


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