Plays That Broke Gen G Mental

Sentinels defeated Gen G in the finals of VCT Madrid. This was their second match against each other in VCT Madrid in a 3-2 best-of-five games. Gen G had previously beaten Sentinels 2-1 two days before the finals. In the final map, Icebox, Gen G was predicted to win because Sentinels had never won on that map recently. Another reason was that the Sentinels’ head coach, Kaplan, had said that Icebox was the map they were least comfortable on and hoped they wouldn’t have to play it. However, Sentinels were able to break through and defeat them 13-6 on Icebox. In this article, I will be going over how that happened.

Sen Vs Gen g

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Why TenZ is Popping Off in VCT

In Sentinels’ matches during VCT a couple of weeks ago, TenZ has been playing very well. Ever since the new roster change, TenZ has moved off the main duelist role and swapped to more of a support role. He tends to play either Omen or Kayo now, who are more support characters. In this article, I will be going over why TenZ is playing very well on these agents.


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