15 MORE keyboard shortcuts in 47 seconds

Today, I made a video on 15 more keyboard shortcuts. Since the first video turned out quite well, I decided to make a second one. It was quite a challenge making it exactly 47 seconds.

I tried to make it, but I had to re-record most of it because I was talking too slow…..

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Bloons Tower Defense 5

Recently, I have been playing an online game called Bloons Tower Defense 5 made by Ninja Kiwi. To play, you have to defend your “city” from bloons.  Bloons are like balloons, but they have balloons inside of balloons. When most towers shoot at a bloom, it will pop the bloon, but most bloons have bloons … Read more

Upcoming YouTube Video + Halo: Reach

I am in the middle of making a new YouTube video. It is about keyboard shortcuts. I learned about these keyboard shortcuts from my friend, dad, the internet, and myself from exploring. Also, I shall tell you a few: CTRL + [scroll] = zoom in/out CTRL + = = zoom in CTRL + – = … Read more

Halo: Reach

Lately, I have been playing with my friend, Halo: Reach matchmaking SWAT. Basically, in this mode, two teams of four attach each other with infinite ammo, no HUD, and no shields. First team to 50 kills wins. I have won almost every game of SWAT I have played. The game is hard and easy at … Read more

Even more Halo: Reach-ness-ness-eses

Multiplayer Strategies: Camping: you can camp, just make sure no one can sneak up behind you. Camping around a commonly used passage is a great idea. In addition, if you kill lots of people, then you can get more credits. This is useful in SWAT and Big Team Battle. Infection: in infection, if you try … Read more