More Halo: Reach-ness

I’ve played EVEN MORE Halo: Reach and I’ve almost completed the entire Campaign on Legendary. It is amazing. The Pillar of Autumn mission is cheating. Grunts are OP. In just a couple shots on legendary, they will kill you. It’s totally unfair. I have discovered the best way to kill elites. All you have to … Read more

Even more Halo: Reach-ness-ness-eses

Multiplayer Strategies: Camping: you can camp, just make sure no one can sneak up behind you. Camping around a commonly used passage is a great idea. In addition, if you kill lots of people, then you can get more credits. This is useful in SWAT and Big Team Battle. Infection: in infection, if you try … Read more

High score [14 146 145 530]

A long time ago, in pinball fx2 on the Paranormal Table, I got a new record. I got a little bit more than 14 billion points! When I started, I thought I wouldn’t get that much. It took me 1 hour to get one billion points. I played two hours on one day and two hours on another! Also, I stayed … Read more

Rocky and Bullwinkle

By far the HARDEST table in all of Pinball FX2 on the Xbox 360. It is almost impossible to get more than 100 million. The ball goes through the “gutters” too much, and the table in general is very small; the ball can go from one end to the other in almost no time at … Read more

Plumbing achievement unlocked

So today I accomplished a big task: fixing the leak in the toilet. Apparently, the pipe between the shut-off valve turned bad and started to leak may be about a week ago. At first, I simply put a plastic container below it. It kept on leaking. So, I kind of had to force myself to … Read more