Bloons TD Card Battles Late Game

While trying to get my veteran card for the week, I happen to find this guy, who wants to go late game.

So we did.

He was going the robo-monkey strat, while I was using the sabotage supply lines and the ray of dooms.


I had no idea that we’d be going this late in the game.

I was playing on the steam version (3.8.1), even though it doesn’t really matter, as the phone and windows 10 edition are basically the same.


sirknightjLateGame3 sirknightjLateGame4 sirknightjLateGame5 sirknightjLateGame6

He loses because he didn’t have any sabotage supply lines ninjas. If he did have them, however, he might have won.

The annoying part is having to cycle cards. It took forever to get a bunch of ray of dooms.

I did have 35,727 eco, but that’s quite far from the record.

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