Persepolis Quiz (old)

Old Persepolis Quiz

NEW Revamped Quiz

This is a short quiz based on the book Persepolis written by Marjane Satrapi.

The answers are at the bottom of the page. I made this quiz myself. It took a long time.

Taji = Marji’s mom; Ebi = Marji’s Dad

  1. What was the name of the Revolution that took place in 1979?
    1. The Islamic Revolution
    2. World War II
    3. The Great War
    4. The Cold War
  2. What did Taji (Marji’s mom) do when a German journalist took a photo of her and put it on the newspaper? Choose all that apply.
    1. Dye her hair
    2. Move to a different country
    3. Wear dark glasses
    4. Go into hiding

  3. Which of the following are NOT part of Marji’s Holy Book she created when she wanted to be a prophet?
    1. Maids should eat with who they work for
    2. No one should suffer pain
    3. Everyone should eat lots of food and become fat
    4. Everyone should own a good car
  4. When Marji was young, what did she want to be?
    1. A baker
    2. A librarian
    3. A soldier
    4. A prophet
  5. What is Marji’s favorite book?
    1. Karl Marx and Descartes
    2. How to become taller
    3. Dialectic Materialism
    4. Cats
  6. How many people were killed in the burning theater?
    1. 1,000
    2. 250
    3. 400
    4. 32,832
    5. 677
  7. Who is NOT one of the people Marji looks up to?
    1. Reza Shah
    2. Fidel Castro
    3. Che Guevara
    4. Karl Marx
  8. How did Marji’s father explain to Marji that God did not choose the King?
    1. The King was born the King
    2. British people helped him overthrow the emperor so the British could mine oil
    3. The King threatened the emperor by taking his son hostage
    4. None of the above
  9. What position in the government did Marji’s grandfather have?
    1. Master chef
    2. Prime minister
    3. Soldier
    4. None of the above
  10. How are some of the ways Marji’s grandfather was tortured?
    1. They put him in a cell filled with water for hours
    2. He was force fed, and became fat
    3. They made him fall down many flights of steps
    4. People stepped on him
  11. What game does Marji Play with her parents?
    1. Life
    2. Candyland
    3. Monopoly
    4. Hide and seek
  12. What did Marji’s grandma do to make the neighbors thing she is not poor?
    1. Threw huge parties
    2. Gave out free food
    3. She was not poor; she was rich
    4. Pretend to cook
  13. Fill in the blank: “I am the light of the Aryans. I will make this country the most modern of all time. Our people will regain _______________” (pg 27)
    1. Their freedom
    2. Their splendor
    3. Their money
    4. Their children
  14. What is Marji’s dad’s job?
    1. Farmer
    2. Soldier
    3. Doctor
    4. Photographer
  15. Who is Marji’s favorite author?
    1. Ghandi
    2. Ali Ashraf Darvishian
    3. Vishal DeCartes
    4. Penny Rocking
  16. What is a “Cadillac”?
    1. A type of religion
    2. A type of shirt
    3. A type of car
    4. Someone’s name
  17. Who did Mehri, Marji’s maid, fall in love with?
    1. Khosro
    2. Siamak
    3. Uncle Anoosh
    4. A neighborhood boy
  18. What is “Savak”?
    1. The shah’s secret police
    2. A food
    3. The name of Marji’s school
    4. One of Marji’s friends
  19. Who did Marji and her friends try to beat up with nails because his father killed a million people?
    1. Ramin
    2. Kia
    3. Uncle Taher
    4. Mohsen Shakiba
  20. Who does Marji tell that their father is dead?
    1. Niloufar
    2. Ramin
    3. Kia
    4. Laly
  21. Who was tortured in prison then later put cut into pieces?
    1. Siamak
    2. Mohsen
    3. Uncle Anoosh
    4. Ahmadi
  22. What happened to Anoosh’s uncle, Fereydoon?
    1. He was burned
    2. He escaped prison, but then drowned in the lake
    3. He was put into prison, then made a child, then was executed
    4. He was put into prison, then made a child, then was released
  23. Where did most of Marji’s friends, including Kaveh, move to “leave the danger”?
    1. U.S.S.R.
    2. USA
    3. China
    4. Europe
  24. Who was drowned in the bathtub? Who was killed shortly after?
    1. Mohsen, Siamak’s sister
    2. Siamak, Mohsen’s sister
    3. Siamak, Mohsen’s brother
    4. Mohsen, Siamak
  25. What did Uncle Anoosh give to Marji in prison?
    1. A bread duck
    2. A bread swan
    3. A fork
    4. His shirt
  26. What is the difference between the fundamentalist man and the progressive man
    1. Fundamentalist: Shaved, shirt hanging out; Progressive: Beard; shirt tucked in
    2. Fundamentalist: Shaved, shirt tucked in; Progressive: Beard, shirt hanging out
    3. Fundamentalist: Beard, shirt hanging out; Progressive: Shaved, shirt tucked in
    4. Fundamentalist: Beard, shirt tucked in; Progressive: Shaved, Shirt hanging out
  27. Whose father died in the Iran-Iraq war?
    1. Niloufar
    2. Marji
    3. Mali
    4. Pardisse
  28. Whose house was destroyed during the Iran-Iraq war?
    1. Miloufar
    2. Marji
    3. Mali
    4. Pardisse
  29. How does Marji’s school mourn the war dead?
    1. Beat their breasts
    2. Wear black, listen to a funeral speech
    3. Make cards for the veteran’s families
    4. Pretend to die as well
  30. Who said this quote: “If hair is as stimulating as you say, then you need to shave your mustache”?
    1. Marji’s dad
    2. Marji’s mom
    3. Mali
    4. The Shah
    5. A police officer
  31. What did the school give boys and told them “if they went to war and were lucky enough to die, this _____ would get you into heaven”?
    1. A gun
    2. A knife
    3. A plastic key painted gold
    4. A piece of paper with special writing on it
    5. None of the above
  32. Who was caught with records, video cassettes, a deck of cards, and everything that is banned (he got 75 lashes as punishment).
    1. Tinoosh’s dad
    2. Marji’s dad
    3. A neighbor next door
    4. Marji’s teacher
    5. None of the above
  33. Who was in charge of making the wine, and who crushed the grapes?
    1. Marji’s dad; Marji’s dad
    2. Marji’s uncle; The cleaning lady
    3. The cleaning lady; Marji’s uncle
    4. A neighbor; The cleaning lady
    5. None of the above
  34. To get into the house, what does Marji’s grandmother tell the officer when they are suspected of drinking wine?
    1. “I need some sleep, sir”
    2. “Marji has diabetes, my boy”
    3. “I really need to use the bathroom”
    4. “I have diabetes, my boy”
  35. How does Marji become a “grown-up”?
    1. By drinking wine
    2. By learning how to drive
    3. By smoking a cigarette
    4. By witnessing people dying
    5. None of the above
  36. Who needed open heart surgery, but couldn’t go unless (s)he had a permit?
    1. Uncle Anoosh
    2. Mali
    3. Uncle Taher
    4. Khroso
    5. None of the above
  37. Who made fake passports?
    1. Mr. Kaiga
    2. Khosro
    3. Niloufar
    4. The window washer
    5. None of the above
  38. Is the following is an example of irony? Uncle Taher dies the same day he gets his passport
    1. Ironic
    2. Not Ironic
  39. What presents do Marji’s mom and dad get her from their trip to Turkey? Choose all that apply
    1. Iron Maiden Poster
    2. Karl Marx Book
    3. Denim Jacket
    4. Michael Jackson “Badge”
    5. Kim Wilde Poster
  40. Which two tapes does Marji buy from the black market? Choose TWO
    1. Kim Wilde
    2. Karl Marx
    3. Camel
    4. Thriller
    5. Other..
  41. What do the guardians of the revolution refer to as “Punk”?
    1. Marji’s veil
    2. Marji’s shoes
    3. Marji’s jacket
    4. Marji’s tapes
  42. When the Baba-Levy’s house got blown up, what did Marji find on the ground?
    1. A can of soup
    2. Pieces of a bowl
    3. A shirt
    4. A turquoise bracelet… still attached to a hand
    5. None of the above
  43. What punishment did Marji receive for hitting the principal?
    1. Jail for 1 month
    2. Jail for 2 months
    3. Jail for 1 year
    4. Jail for [a time not mentioned above]
    5. None of the above
  44. Where do Marji’s parents want to send Marji?
    1. Turkey
    2. Iraq
    3. Vienna
    4. USA
    5. Europe
Answer Key:
  1. A. The Islamic Revolution
  2. A, C. Dye her hair, Wear dark glasses
  3. C. Everyone should eat lots of food and become fat
  4. D. A prophet
  5. C. Dialectic Materialism (pg 12)
  6. C. 400
  7. A. Reza Shah
  8. 8. B. British people helped him overthrow the emperor so the British could mine oil (pg 22)
  9. B. Prime minister
  10. A. They put him in a cell filled with water for hours (pg 24)
  11. C. Monopoly (pg 25)
  12. D. Pretend to cook (pg 26)
  13. B. Their splendor (pg 27)
  14. D. Photographer (pg 29)
  15. B. Ali Ashraf Darvishian (pg 33)
  16. C. A type of car
  17. D. A neighborhood boy
  18. A. The shah’s secret police (pg 44)
  19. A. Ramin (pg 44-45)
  20. D. Laly (pg 48)
  21. D. Ahmadi (pg 51-52)
  22. C. He was put into prison, then made a child, then was executed (pg 57-58)
  23. B. USA (pg 63-64)
  24. A. Mohsen, Siamak’s sister (pg 65)
  25. B. A bread swan
  26. C. Fundamentalist: Beard, shirt hanging out; Progressive: Shaved, shirt tucked in (pg 75)
  27. D. Pardisse (pg 82)
  28. C. Mali (pg 90)
  29. A. Beat their breasts (pg 95)
  30. A. Marji’s dad (pg 98)
  31. C. A plastic key painted gold (pg 99)
  32. A. Tinoosh’s dad (pg 105)
  33. B. Marji’s uncle; The cleaning lady (pg 106)
  34. D. “I have diabetes, my boy” (pg 110)
  35. C. By smoking a cigarette (pg 117)
  36. C. Uncle Taher
  37. B. Khosro
  38. A. Ironic
  39. A, C, D, E. (pg 126-130)
  40. A, C. Kim Wilde, Camel
  41. B. Marji’s shoes (pg 133)
  42. D. A turquoise bracelet… still attached to a hand (pg 142)
  43. E. None of the above. She actually gets expelled (pg 143)
  44. C. Vienna

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