Fire Emblem Heroes – Crazy Points in Grand Conquests

As time goes on, less casual players play Fire Emblem Heroes, and the majority of people left are dedicated players. Recently, grand conquests is getting more and more competitive.Screenshot_20190221-224837_Fire Emblem Heroes-sirknightj

Recently, I’ve been building my grand conquests brigade. My strategy is to use one team only, and it works most of the time. Here’s my main brigade:

Screenshot_20190221-225430_Fire Emblem Heroes-sirknightjHere’s a quick rundown of my units:

Ares 5* +6 (+Atk)

  • Ares is really good at nuking many people, especially with the special spiral built into his weapon. See above for the build.
  • I wish I could pull more of him, he’s really rare. I’ve pulled one copy of him as a 5* unit, the rest I used feathers from his 4* form.
  • When Def Smoke comes as fodder, I will give Ares some Def Smoke.

Reinhardt 5* +10 (+Atk)

  • One of my main nukes. Dire Thunder, draw back, luna, death blow 3, lancebreaker 3, hone cavalry, and the atk+3 seal. He’s really helpful at breaking the weapon triangle, and dealing with annoying blue and red dragons.

L! Azura 5* (-Atk +Spd)

  • Since brigades only allow one dancer, I’ve got to have the best dancer around right?
  • Default weapon, assist, and B- and C-skill, but I’ve replaced B duel flying with fury and the seal is earth dance 3

Surtr 5* (-Spd +Res)

  • Armored boots as the seal, and swap as the assist
  • Surtr is great when used offensively, because he deals 20 damage to the newly-spawned people. He’s really helpful as well since he’s very tanky.

B!Lyn 5* (Neutral)

  • The default build with hone cavalry as the c-skill, and atk/spd 2 seal.
  • I would use my friend’s B!Lyns, but they don’t have hone cavalry/fortify cavalry with their Lyns, so I use my own.

Myrrh 5* +10 (Neutral)

  • My friend’s Myrrh, Aether, distant counter, quick riposte 3, atk smoke, and Iote’s shield as the seal
  • She’s great at tanking most blue and green mages, such as Nino, WT!Olwen, and Enemy B!Lyns
  • She’s very bulky with 40 defense and 36 res, helpful for enemy-phasing units, since she’s one of my few Enemy Phase units (surtr being the other one. I use Cecilia mostly on player phase).

WT! Olwen 5* (+HP -Def)

  • My Olwen, with glimmer and lancebreaker 3, with fortify cavalry. I wish I had better IV’s, but I’ve given her the Spd+3 Seal.
  • She’s a really good blade-mage nuke to help deal with most tanky blues and greens, such as Nowi and Fae. She often breaks the color triangle to deal with some reds as well.

B!Veronica 5* +10 (+Spd)

  • My friend’s Veronica. She has Atk/Spd Solo and double savage blow.
  • A semi-pain+ user, she has high attack at 50, which reaches 62 with the solo and hone cavalry buffs, and high speed at 43, and reaches 55 spd with atk spd solo and hone cavalry.
  • She’s good at de-buffing the enemy

Lucius 5* +6 (+Spd)

  • My friend’s Lucius. I wish I had more horse-healer pain+ friends, but this was one of them. Pain+ (wrathful), close counter, dazzling staff, and double savage blow.
  • She usually dies in 1 hit, with 55 physical bulk but it doesn’t matter, she’s only there for the pain.

Frederick 5* +10 (+Atk)

  • My friend’s Frederick. Slaying Hammer+ (Atk), Reposition, Luna, Death Blow 3, Wings of Mercy 3, and Threaten Def 3, with Def + 3 in the seal.
  • These green armors are giving me lots of trouble, especially W!Fae, Surtr, Sheena, Greil, and L!Hector, since I don’t have a red blade mage on my team, and Veronica can’t always defeat them. So, since most of my units are always damaged in this mode, I can easily use Frederick with his wings of mercy to run around defeating these armors. With 58 Atk without considering Death Blow 3, Hone Cavalry, and the Threaten Defense, he’s really good at countering these green armors, and taking out many blue armors, such as that Berkut’s Lance Effie in one shot.

Eldigan 5* (-HP +Def)

  • My Eldigan. I use him in addition to Frederick to counter those green armors.
  • He has double fury to help others wings of mercy, and I’ve given him Lunge because when he defeats the newly-spawned armor, he will stand on the spawning space, preventing new ones from spawning. Hone Cavalry and Savage Blow as the seal.

Elise 5* +10 (+Spd)

  • My friend’s Elise. Gravity+ (Dazzling Staff), Recover+, Heavenly Light, Spd+3, Wrathful Staff, and double savage blow. She’s my backup Veronica, because I need more than one Pain+ Cavalry.
  • Gravity is very helpful when dealing with newly-spawned units, because some of them when moving one space block new teammates from spawning.

Cecilia 5* +10 (+Spd)

  • My friend’s Cecilia. Another green blade-mage. Since the Grand Conquests Meta is basically extremely tanky blue and green units, I need more blade mages. However, unlike WT!Olwen, she can tank blue mages such as Ophelia and the annoying Blue Tome Dancers, such as B!Ninian and L!Azura.
  • Gronnblade+, Draw Back, Iceberg, Fury 3, Renewal 3, Hone Cavalry, Distant Def 3

Cherche 5* +10 (+Atk)

  • Cherche’s Axe (skill), Reposition, Galeforce, Death Blow 4, Drag Back, Fortify Res 3, Heavy Blade 3.
  • My friend’s Cherche.
  • I use her especially when dealing with the end-game. At this point, I typically get her to spawn as a reinforcement when I have 2-3 turns left. At this point, I need galeforce units to help me out when taking out the fort. She is really good at that, since many annoying spawns are Nowi, Effie, and other super tanky units, and she can one round many of them, and then galeforce to take out anther.

Hana 5* +8 (+Spd)

  • Armorsmasher+ (spd), Reposition, Galeforce, Swift Sparrow 2, Wings of Mercy, Drive Spd, and Flashing Blade
  • My friend’s Hana.
  • Another Galeforce unit. This time, she has Wings of Mercy to help take out those green units that Cherche cannot take out (Surtr in particular), or other red units, since she has 49 spd with swift sparrow, unbuffed.

L’Arachel 5* +10 (+Spd)

  • Ivaldi, Rally Def/Res, Iceberg, Fury 3, Desperation 3, Spd Ploy 3, Atk Ploy 3
  • My friend’s L’Arachel.
  • She’s my backup Blue mage, in case Reinhardt Dies. At this point, there’s only two options: either my entire team is wiped out, or I get her when it’s the final turn. She’s not too useful, but can help. I feel like she’s not fast enough with 41 spd, and not enough attack at 54, but I don’t have any other friends with Blue Cavalier Mages.

L!Lucina 5* +1 (+Def)

  • Default Kit, with flashing blade
  • My friend’s L!Lucina
  • Helps me secure that fortress, because wings of mercy and future vision are wonderful together.

Clarine 5* (+HP -Atk)

  • Pain+ (Dazzling), Martyr+, Fortress Def 3, Wings of Mercy, and double savage blow
  • My friend’s Clarine.
  • At this point, I had no more friends left with Wings of Mercy on their units, and I figured more wings of mercy healers to help out with that final fort push might come in handy.

Lewyn 5* +4 (+Atk)

  • Forseti, Draw Back, Moonbow, Swift Sparrow 2, Null Follow-Up 3, Spur Atk/Res 2, Atk/Spd Bond 3.
  • My friend’s Lewyn.
  • He almost never gets spawned, but when he does, that means that my team got entirely destroyed in the game, so that means I need someone strong to defeat a lot of people. His weapon is so good, but he’s not a cavalier.

Tibarn 5* (+Atk -Def)

  • Default kit, but with Galeforce and desperation, heavy blade as the seal.
  • My friend’s Tibarn.
  • If he spawns, my team got utterly destroyed, so I need to secure as many of those 20 kills as possible to score as high as possible without taking the fort.


Hope this gives you some insight into my grand conquests team!





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