Rokkr Sieges Tips, Tricks, and Strategy – How to Score Higher – Fire Emblem Heroes

In Fire Emblem: Heroes, a new game mode has been released! Yay! More content! It’s actually decently fun… at least for now. It also has plenty of rewards, so scoring high is somewhat important.

In this game mode, your team of four heroes attempts to deal as much damage as possible to the boss (also known as the Rokkr) within 7 turns of combat. There is a damage multiplier, which means you can deal huge amounts of damage in one turn.


The Basics

sirknightj-rokkr-sieges-home-screenThis is the home screen of Rokkr Sieges. Here, you can choose the difficulty of boss to fight, check rewards, check your current ranking, and also change your multiplier. Similar to Grand Conquests, your stamina comes back one per hour, and you can hold up to 8 stamina for this game mode. Using a Havoc Axe will restore 8 stamina. The top 5 scorers are displayed on the home screen as well.

Similarly to Grand Conquests, there are 3 battles that take place over a period of 6 days. Each battle lasts for 2 days and the rewards are reset at the beginning of each period. Also similar to grand conquests, the players are split up into many “battlefields” or in this case “worlds.” In the above screenshot, I am in world 3757. Each world has 200 players competing.


The rewards for the amount of damage dealt are as follows:

sirknightj-Rewards-Rokkr-SiegesAnd the important ranking scores are below:


The Rokkr

Over the course of each battle (lasting two days), the Rokkr will cycle between 3 preset enemies. During the first battle of this particular Rokkr Sieges, the boss cycles between Legendary Eirika, Clair, and Klein.

Depending on the difficulty, the stats and skills of the Rokkr will differ. Beginner is on the left, intermediate is in the middle, and advanced is on the right.

Eirika-Rookr-sirknightjSkill Explaination

The Rokkr has special skills, which are exclusive to only the Rokkr.

Weapon: Umbra Burst

  • Mt: 16, Rng: 1
  • Unit can counterattack regardless of foe’s range. Deals a minimum of 1 damage.
  • Note: If a ranged unit is using Umbra Burst, then its might is 14 instead of 16 and has the same effect as a normal weapon (for example, the dragon-type Umbra Burst will have the adaptive damage and the dagger-type Umbra Burst will have the Dagger 7 effect).

Special: Umbra Blast/Eruption/Calamity

  • Cd: 9
  • After combat, deals X damage to target and foes within 2 spaces of target and then unit and target foe swap places.
  • Note: The description does not actually say “X damage” but actually says 5, 10, and 15 depending on the game difficulty chosen. Additionally, the Rokkr and the ally it’s attacking will not swap spaces if either one is on impassable terrain (such as you are standing on a forest tile).

Seal: Rokkr

  • Neutralizes damage outside of combat (from skills like Poison Strike, etc.) except damage dealt by Specials that trigger before combat. Unit’s HP can be reduced to 0 only by an attack from allied armies. Unit cannot restore its own HP.

Damage Multipliers

On beginner difficulty, your damage multiplier starts off at 1.0x. On intermediate difficulty, your damage multiplier starts off at 2.0x. On advanced difficulty, your multiplier starts off at 4.0x.

On the beginner difficulty, the damage multiplier increases by 0.1x whenever you initiate combat with the Rokkr with any unit and 0.1x whenever you defeat any reinforcements.

On the intermediate difficulty, the damage multiplier increases by 0.1x whenever you initiate combat with the Rokkr with any unit and 0.2x whenever you defeat any reinforcements.

On the advanced difficulty, the damage multiplier increases by 0.1x whenever you initiate combat withe Rokkr with any unit and 0.4x whenever you defeat any reinforcements.

If using more than one stamina to multiply the damage, the damage is simply just multiplied by the stamina’s multiplier. For example, if you’re using 8 stamina on the advanced difficulty, that means that each reinforcement you defeat will add 0.4 * 8 additional multiplier to your total, which means each reinforcement you defeat will add 3.2x to your multiplier.

Strategies and Units to Use

Spend Your Stamina and Havoc Axes Wisely

Since we have limited stamina, make sure you make the most of it. Make sure you output the highest damage possible first before you go all-out with all 8 stamina in one go. Additionally, waiting for the “easy” rokkr to rotate is a very good idea. In this specific case, the three rokkrs that rotate are Legendary Eirika, Clair, and Klein. I would rank Eirika as being the easiest, Clair as being medium, and Klein as being the hardest for me. Since Klein is the hardest for me, I won’t use my stamina on Klein, but rather, I would wait for Eirika or Clair to rotate.

Why is Klein hard? Well, because he is a bow unit, and they are effective against Halloween Mia. I could run Iote’s shield, but also, Klein is colorless, meaning that very few units have the triangle advantage over him.

Clair is the second-hardest because she’s a flier and has hit and run as her skill. It’s very difficult to corner her unless you completely box her in, which is very difficult to accomplish, or lure her over to one of the map’s edges. To box her in, we would need to prevent her special from going off, which will be discussed in the next tip.

Eirika is the easiest because she’s a cavalier. She can’t go into forests, meaning you can box her in using 3 units and the last side be the forest.

Prevent The Rokkr’s Special From Activating

Since the Rokkr has the super annoying special which prevents them from getting cornered, using units with Guard and Special Fighter are really good. Since the Rokkr’s speed is low enough to not need breakers most of the time, most of your B-slots will be open to inherit Guard 2 from Titania. Alternatively, you can use Halloween Mia’s Witchy Wand to completely prevent the Rokkr from activating their special.

Witchy Wand+                Mt 12    Rng 2

After combat, if unit attacked, resets Special cooldown of target and foes within 2 spaces of target, and inflicts the following status on target and foes within 2 spaces of target through their next actions: “Inflicts Special cooldown charge -1 per attack during combat. (Only highest value applied. Does not stack.)” (Neutralizes Special cooldown count reductions after combat, but skills that Accelerate and Slow Special are still effective.)

With this, Halloween Mia allows the Rokkr to be cornered, allowing an easy time in Rokkr Sieges, and also stops your units from getting damaged, as the boss’s special deals “true damage” meaning the 5/10/15 damage dealt from the special ignores defense and resistance.

Choosing a Good A-Skill to Maximize Damage Output

In Fire Emblem: Heroes, there are many A-skills to choose from. For example, Atk/Def Bond, Atk/Spd Solo, Triangle Adept, Death Blow, Distant Counter, Bonus Doubler, Brazen Atk/Def, Life and Death, etc. There are so many to choose from. However, I would recommend using Triangle Adept most of the time to maximize your damage output.

If your unit has 50 atk, has triangle advantage over the Rokkr, and uses Triangle Adept 3, triangle adept boosts their damage by 10 additional points. Death Blow only boosts damage by 6 points, and distant counter doesn’t boost the damage at all. However, distant /close counter allows your units to enemy phase the reinforcements that come. This is why I would recommend Triangle Adept in addition to Galeforce.

Use Galeforce and Quad-Attackers

Since the Rokkr has the ability to counterattack regardless of your range, this means that you can get Galeforces off every turn, assuming you can quad the Rokkr. The hot debate over whether using Galeforce, Aether, or Astra is the most effective. In my opinion, I believe that Galeforce is the most effective, and here’s why:

sirknightj-galeforceUsing Galeforce, I am able to take out the enemy reinforcements and then head back to attack the Rokkr. This basically gives your units an additional turn to attack, allowing you to build up your multiplier quicker. With a team of 3 Astra or Aether units with a Halloween Mia, if all 4 of them attack the Rokkr, the maximum amount of damage multiplier increase will be 0.4x. However, if you use 3 Galeforce users and a Halloween Mia all attack the Rokkr, the damage multiplier increase will be 0.7x. Additionally, Galeforce will allow your units to dispatch nearby reinforcements in case they don’t have distant counter. Galeforce will activate every turn, since you double the Rokkr (2), the Rokkr hits you back (1), and you double the Rokkr again (2) for a total of 5 Cd charges, meaning you can Galeforce every single turn. This is why Galeforce, although expensive, is a great special to equip on your units.

However, if you choose to use Astra, then your current damage output will be higher. Astra’s description reads “Boosts damage dealt by 150%”, meaning that it will basically do 250% damage. That means if you quad and activate Astra, then you essentially did 5.5 hits to the Rokkr, and a dance means you do 11 hits. However, if you’re able to pull of 2 Astras per engagement, then you’re able to out-damage galeforce, with 14 hits per turn. With galeforce and a dance, you do 12.

If you use Halloween Mia, then you don’t need Aether or other healing specials, since the Rokkr will barely do any damage to you.

No Halloween Mia? Don’t Worry

Just run guard and Noontime. Noontime heals you for 30% of your damage dealt, meaning you’ll heal pretty much back up to full if you activate noontime. However, that means you can’t use a breaker anymore, and also you can’t run a damaging special.

Here are some units I use to achieve maximum score on the Intermediate difficulty against Eirika:

My Team Against Legendary Eirika:

rokkr-sirknightj-eirikaHere, my Abel (see build below) deals 72×4 damage against Eirika.rokkr-sirknightj-winMe dealing the final blow to Eirika (I messed up slightly and Mia was defeated. However, I was still able to do the 160,000 damage (20,000 x 8 stamina)).

Unit Builds

cordelia-sirknightjCordelia has the Hone Fliers Buff from Halloween Mia. She’s not fully build yet, but this is what I have so far.

sirknightj-halloween-miaHalloween Mia – very good at stopping the Rokkr from using their special. I use Spur Atk 3 because she’s almost always next to two units.

abel-sirknightjAbel does a lot of damage. I’m planning to give him Galeforce later, but I gave him Glimmer as a budget option.

sully-sirknightjI needed a melee horse to let Abel Quad with his 16 Mt weapon. I misread the weapon refine on Sully and thought it was the same as Abel. Turns out I was wrong. I gave her Glimmer, but I haven’t built her up properly yet, so she only has Night Sky so far.

My Team Against Clair:

clair-rokkr-sirknightjCherche is so good, she deals 80×4 damage against Clair. It’s beautiful.

rokkr-victory-sirknightjJust as I deal 160,000 damage, the Allied Army comes to attack Clair, defeating her.

Unit Builds

cherche-sirknightjHere’s my Cherche. I built her a while ago, and use her on my AR Defense team. Again, she uses Triangle Adept 3, and also gets the 5 Atk from the Seal, and 4 more attack from Mia’s Spur Atk during combat. She’s so good.

I use the same Halloween Mia against Clair (see above).

ephraim-sirknightjI don’t have many Axe users built, so I just slapped Ephraim on the team and sent him off. He doesn’t do too much damage, but he does some damage. Usually, I send him off to attack the reinforcements, since he can’t usually catch up with Clair with her Hit and Run ability.

hector-sirknightjAgain, I don’t have many axe users, and his attack is pretty high, so I just put him on the team and went.

I would recommend building similar units to Cherche, as her damage output is amazing.

I know many people already built Brave Bow Lyn, so that would be another idea to build.

Overall, I hope you were able to learn something more about Rokkr Sieges! I wish you all success in this game mode, and also hope that this guide has helped you out.

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