The Highest Stats I’ve Ever Seen – Fire Emblem Heroes

A while ago, I got my brother to start playing Fire Emblem Heroes.

When I encouraged him to play Aether Raids, something interesting happened.

I didn’t know that if you’re in a low tier of Aether Raids, you get a massive fort level advantage.

That leads to really amazing stats!

Just take a look at these screenshots of his units. Note that they aren’t merged, because my brother is also free to play, by the way. They are also not summoner supported.

fort-level-reinhardt-sirknightjThis is so good! Look at that Reinhardt go! This is what 5 fort levels does to your unit. +20 to all stats except HP. Since he runs Hone Cavalry on all his units, he has +26 to both Atk and Spd.

fort-level-Eliwood-sirknightjEliwood has some awesome stats. With Swift Sparrow 3 (+6 Atk, +7 Spd), he reaches 89 Atk and 75 Spd. That is ridiculous. At the time, Eliwood was the bonus unit, so he got an additional +10 HP and +4 to all stats.

fort-level-Veronica-sirknightjHere’s his Veronica. Imagine running into a unit with this type of statline on a defense team. She’s extremely difficult to one-round. She also has no buffs, so imagine her with buffs, or set up in a rally trap formation.

fort-level-Lyn-sirknightjMore Photos

Those photos were from a while ago. He doesn’t play Aether Raids as much as I do, but here are today’s photos of his unit’s stats. They don’t have as high of a stat boost because the fort level difference is less.


Hope you enjoyed looking at all these amazingly high stats due to AR fort level advantages!

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