1300 orbs vs 2022 AHR Summons

The AHR Banner is here!

A few days ago, I summoned on the AHR 2022 banner. I spent a lot of the orbs that I’ve been saving up over the past few months.

A user by the name of Eldervi has done the math and created a cool infographic here. The average orb cost per 5-star unit is 19 orbs. This means that with my 1,300 orbs, I should be expecting somewhere around 68 5-star units with average luck.


Before the summoning session, I prepared my barracks. I prepared lots of room for all of the new heroes, along with finishing up the story to gather the orbs I have laying around. It took a long time to get through all of the chain challenges. I got through about half of the squad assaults and stopped – it was just too boring to finish, and not that much reward for it.

I recorded my massive summoning session here:

It took me quite a long time to spend 1,300 orbs. I even skipped the summoning animation for this. Imagine how long it would take if I didn’t skip the summoning animation each time.

Spoilers below!

Here’s a list of the 5-star units that I summoned during this session. I’ve included their IVs for those of you that are curious.

  1. L!M!Byleth (+spd/-res)
  2. Ninjorrin (+hp/-def)
  3. Ninjorrin (+hp/-atk)
  4. Ninjorrin (+res/-def)
  5. Ninjorrin (+atk/-res)
  6. Ninjorrin (neutral) (spark)
  7. Ninjorrin (+atk/-hp)
  8. B!Hector (+spd/-hp)
  9. Thorr (+def/-atk)
  10. H!Azura (+res/-spd)
  11. H!Azura (+atk/-hp)
  12. Rhajat (+spd/-hp)
  13. Dedue (+spd/-atk)
  14. H!Azura (+spd/-atk)
  15. H!Azura (+spd/-res)
  16. F!Lyon (neutral)
  17. L!M!Byleth (+atk/-def)
  18. Hilda (+atk/-def)
  19. L!M!Byleth (+spd/-def)
  20. B!Micaiah (+hp/-def)
  21. F!Lyon (+res/-def)
  22. H!Azura (+atk/-res)
  23. H!Azura (+def/-res)
  24. Surtr (+res/-atk)
  25. Ninjorrin (+spd/-def)
  26. Niime (+spd/-hp)
  27. Annette (+spd/-hp)
  28. Thorr (+spd/-atk)
  29. Ninjorrin (+atk/-hp)
  30. H!Azura (+def/-res)
  31. L!M!Byleth (+spd/-atk)
  32. Ninjorrin (+hp/-spd)
  33. M!Grima (+def/-hp)
  34. H!Azura (+res/-spd)
  35. H!Azura (+atk/-def)
  36. L!M!Byleth (+def/-res)
  37. H!Azura (+atk/-spd)
  38. L!M!Byleth (+atk/-hp)
  39. L!M!Byleth (+hp/-atk)
  40. Ninjorrin (+res/-def)

Total: 40 5-star units (including spark)
Spent: 1,311 orbs
Any 5* w/ Spark: 32.75 orbs/5-star (very unlucky)
Any 5* w/o Spark: 33.62 orbs/5-star

Concluding Thoughts

Well, I didn’t get anywhere near 68 5-star units during this session, so I was quite unlucky. I had a few very bad streaks. It is nearly impossible to recover from this sort of thing with the amount of orbs I had. Suppose I had a gap of 150+19=150 orbs between 5-star units. Since the average is supposed to be 19 orbs per, in order to “balance” this, that would mean I need to have other summons totaling up to 150 orbs under the average, which seemed very difficult to do, especially with the average being as low as it is.

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