What happens if you beat yesterday’s daily challenge today? – BTD6

Recently, I’ve been playing a lot of BTD6. The main thing I do is play the daily challenge and also the advanced challenge. I’ve wondered, what happens if you start the daily challenge before it expires, but you don’t beat it until after it switches to the next day’s challenge. Do you still get the rewards?



I started this challenge (1/2/2023) about 10 minutes before it was about to switch to the next one. I exited to the home screen and waited for the timer to reach this low before jumping back in to ensure I actually do beat it when it’s about to switch.

I have 27 presents at the moment, so if the reward is still given out, then I should have 52 after I beat the challenge.


A few minutes later, here’s me beating the final round! This happened about 2 minutes after it should have switched to the next day’s daily challenge.


After beating the final round, I do see the rewards screen popping up, indicating that I have indeed received the reward. Double checking if I actually received the presents:


It does in fact show that the presents were awarded to my account. Very nice. It looks like the rewards in fact are still rewarded. That’s great to know!

Other Questions I have

The current version of the game is 34.1. I wonder if there’s a time limit to how far in the future you can receive these rewards.

Like, if I start it now and finish it a week later, will I still receive the rewards for completing the daily challenge? And what if I complete a challenge with presents, but the collection event is no longer active? Or if I complete a challenge from the previous collection event, and now there’s a different collection event, will I get the rewards? If not, what about the same-currency collection event 1 year from now?

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