This Week in Hypixel Skyblock – January 30 – February 5

Welcome to this week’s Hypixel Skyblock news! This week was a quite eventful one for Hypixel Skyblock. This edition of This Week in Hypixel Skyblock covers important events that happened from January 30 – February 5.

Events That Occurred This Week

Dupe Mods (January 30)

Recently mods that help with duping are being posted to youtube and download links being released for this mod. I do not recommend using these mods, they potentially could have a rat or something harmful. You can see examples here and here. These dupe mods exploit the GUI system

With many dupe exploitations are being used, I would exercise caution when buying and selling items for a while.

Other Events

The monthly bingo started! This bingo should be easy with the help of these links!

New Guide Menu (February 2)

Skyblock now has a progression system! The guide menu has tasks for you to complete, and by completing them it rewards you with XP and other items. They added commands such as /sacks which allows you to open the sacks menu, which is nice since you don’t need to click so many buttons to get there since they compacted the Skyblock menu to make it more appealing. Many people find this annoying as it ruined their muscle memory.

The cookie clicker mini game mode now has a leaderboard!

Screenshot 2023-02-06 005753

In addition to this, the game now tells you what you need to do to unlock things like the pet menu, personal bank, wardrobe. I think this was a great thing to add since it is really nice for players who are just starting the game.

Screenshot 2023-02-06 010040

You can see the exact changes here.

Bug Fixes (February 2)

Recently with the new update, there was bound to be a couple bugs. The admins were quite quick to fix those. This is definitely an improvement from the past as they used to take a while to fix them, now they are quick to respond and make the community a better place.

Despite them fixing most of them, some still do exist, such as:

  • Spooky festival experience is not being displayed properly. Not to worry, they are storing that data currently and they said they are trying to fix that ASAP!
  • Heart of the Mountain sometimes granting no Skyblock XP when mining.
  • Some collections are not possible in the guide menu.

You can see those changes here.

Autopet Changes (February 3)

You can now have 28 auto pet rules! This allows you to not have to change a couple every time since you used to be able to only have 14 at the time. Me personally, I never had more than 14 auto pet rules, but some people who are very busy had many which warranted this change. Despite having a max of 28, only 2 will be effective at a time to avoid lag.


That’s it for this week’s Hypixel Skyblock updates and happenings. This is a great update for the early stages, and a little bit for the mid-game to end game players. Tune in next week for more news related to Hypixel Skyblock.

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