This Week in Hypixel Skyblock – February 6 – February 13

Welcome to this week’s Hypixel Skyblock news! This week revealed pretty big changes coming to Hypixel Skyblock. This edition of This Week in Hypixel Skyblock covers important events that happened from February 6 – February 13!

Events That Occurred This Week

Minor Bug Fixes (February 6)

This patch fixed some minor bugs, such as:

  • Missing experience from events, dungeons and common tasks.
  • The public API was having back end system problems, which caused the server and public API to go down for a little bit. The issue was resolved hours later.

It’s good to see these issues being fixed quickly.

You can view those changes here.

API Changes (February 7)

Over the past couple years, Covid has caused Hypixel’s player count to grow exponentially. Due to this, the Public API has been overwhelmed resulting in instability. The admins are trying to figure out a permanent solution, but also are dealing with people that have malicious intent with the Public API. Essentially each player has player-based API key and has the ability to create new keys. There are mods out there that steal these API keys and use them to access your account, most players refer to this as “ratting”. There are other ways people can get access your account such as a fake Microsoft authentication, QR scans and other methods.

The admin team made some temporary changes to accommodate this

  • 60 API key changes a minute
  • Limiting burst requests

The admins see the only solution is to change how mods work, by requiring each mod to use a unique API keys for each requests and caching rather than using a player-based API key.

Admins have other plans as well which include backend changes which will improve Skyblock Profile data storage and a developer dashboard. Hopefully these changes will lower the amount of players that lose their accounts.

You can view exactly what the admins said here.

Other Events

  • Booster Cookies have reached an all time high at 4.9 mil. Massive profits for people who have lots of bits, since booster cookies went up, bit-shop items cost more too. God pots are 800k! Hopefully booster cookies go back down so more players can afford them.

Screenshot 2023-02-13 000011

  • Another dupe bug which uses a mod. Duplication mods seem to be rising in numbers over the past few weeks, we should expect to see more of them. This one claims to make up to 500 mil a hour, which is actually pretty impressive. This dupe again exploits the GUI like in the past, maybe the admins will change the GUI too like they are doing with the player-based API keys. You can view the dupe video here.
  • AH flipping mods have been used for a while. Something that’s interesting is that the same person who had shown footage of the dupe bug, is also showing and releasing a AH flipping mod that claims to be usable while AFK. While I don’t recommend using it, if you are curious you can see that video here.


That’s it for this week’s Hypixel Skyblock updates and happenings! Tune in next week for more news related to Hypixel Skyblock.

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