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The Rift is the newest edition to Hypixel Skyblock. The Rift has tons of new content and items that will help both early game and late game earn lots of money. In this article, I will tell you about a new minion upgrade that can help your minions make over 16,000,000 coins per day. These minions beat corrupted slime minions by 10,000,000 coins!

What Is It?

The Berberis Fuel Injector is a minion upgrade that works only in farming minions. What makes this upgrade good is that it gives minions the chance to produce Lush Berberis on harvest, which sells for a lot on the Bazaar. Each Lush Berberis sells for 1,500 coins as of writing this article.

To obtain the Berberis Fuel Injector, you can either buy it from the Bazaar for 3,200,000 coins, or farm Wilted Berberis in the Rift. In order to craft the Fuel Injector, you need to be level 4 in the Wilted Berberis collection (400 Wilted Berberis). It costs 336 Wilted Berberis to craft (5,000,000 coins from the bazaar), which should take you around 20 minutes to farm manually. I recommend selling the 336 Wilted Berberis in the Bazaar and using those coins to purchase the two Berberis Fuel Injectors instead.

Fuel Injector

Money Making Method

The reason Lush Berberis are expensive is because the new Lush Artifact requires 512 Enchanted Lush Berberis (81,920 Lush Berberis).

One T11 wheat minion with a Plasma Bucket and Berberis Fuel inject makes 500,000 coins per day, including the wheat. To make 16,000,000 coins per day, you will need all 32 minion slots with Plasma Buckets, Super Compactor 3000s, and Berberis Fuel Injectors. Most players already have plasma buckets and super compactors, it’s just a matter of swapping out the minions. You specifically want to use wheat minions because it has the fastest action time at 7 seconds. The reason you want the minion with the fastest action time is because each time the minion harvests a crop, it has a small chance to generate a Lush Berberis. The more harvests, the more Lush Berberis generated. To upgrade to tier 12, crafting price is 500,000 coins more and 75 pelts (45 minutes of grinding pelts). Upgrading to tier 12 is not necessary because it only makes about 100,000 coins more per minion. It will probably take you around 150 days to pay itself off because you could have been doing another money making method in that 45 minutes.

You can make even more than 16,000,000 coins by increasing your minion speed. 

To increase your minion speed, you can have your t5 crystal beacon active and have a farm and farming island crystal. If you don’t know how to set up your minions in a way that allows the crystals to buff all your minions, you can follow this guide by WokenWRLD linked here

You could also AFK on your island with the legendary rabbit pet to decrease your farming minion action time by 30%.

If you want to go even further, you can make your minions mithril infused to increase their speed by another 10%. This costs about 5,000,000 coins per minion.

You should use this method as soon as possible because this method will die once there isn’t a demand for Lush Berberis anymore because everyone has the Lush Artifact.

Lush artifact


This will be great for making money if you are pretty lazy and have money lying around to start this method. If you are starting from scratch, you will need 16,000,000 coins per tier 11 wheat minion including the upgrades (not including mithril infusion). If you already have some tier 11 wheat minions, the only things you need to buy are the Berberis Fuel Injectors which cost roughly 3,200,000 coins per.

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