Duo Byleth Summons! – FEH

Recently they released a holiday banner with many Three Houses characters. What caught my attention was D! Byleth, who if you don’t know already is one of my favorite heroes in the game. So, it’s time to spend all the orbs I saved up again and summon for D! Byleth.

Holiday Banner

My summoning strategy is to go for red orbs only. If there are no red orbs, I will go either green or blue, preferably blue because I think Edelgard is better than Dimitri.


I unfortunately did not get D! Byleth until the spark. I also did not get anyone other focus heroes. In 40 summons I got 3 5-stars including the spark. I got A! Hilda, F! Morgan, and D! Byleth.


After not getting anyone for a while, I felt dread because of the possibility of only getting 1 5-star before the spark. Thankfully I got F! Morgan which did make me feel a little better. Unfortunately I didn’t get any other main focus hero.



Summoning session starts from 3-star Lilina.

D!Byleth Summons

D! Byleth summons

D!Byleth summons 3

In 40 summons, I got a 5-star every 13.33 summons. I spent roughly around 160-170 orbs, which I farmed up over the last couple weeks. I actually need to start saving up my orbs if I want to +10 a hero in March when A Hero Rises banner comes out.

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