A Hero Rises 2024 Banner Decided – Will I summon on it?

The first round of the Hero Rises voting gauntlet just ended and here are the results!

r/FireEmblemHeroes - AHR Banner!!!

  • Winter Edelgard vs. Attuned Peony: Peony won
  • Mythic Gullevig vs. Winter Dimitro: Dimitri won
  • Legendary Camilla vs. Wind Tribe Claude: Claude won
  • Legendary Alear (F) vs. Duo Sanaki: Alear won

How were the results?

In my previous post, I mentioned that I wanted an all-green banner to happen, which it did. I was a bit surprised to see Camilla lose though, as she is a much better unit than Claude. Oh well, I’ll take it, this is still such a great banner.

During the voting gauntlet, about 5 hours before the end of round 1, I was checking up on the predictors posted on reddit and saw that it was predicted that Edelgard, Gullevig, Claude, and Sanaki were going to win. Lucky for me, three of the teams were able to turn it around.

Who did I vote for?

I voted for Dimitri, since I thought Gullevig might have extra support from players who lost their entire team to her in Aether Raids.

I was seeing all of the comments and predictions as the final round approached saying that Gullevig would win, so I was super nervous.

On the third-to-last hour, Dimitri was weaker, giving me an 11.6x multiplier. I won a battle and stayed on the “choose how much points you want to vote” screen until the last hour, in case that Dimitri wouldn’t have any strong multipliers. This turned out to be a good choice because Dimitri and Gullevig were same-same on the final hour, meaning that neither had any strong multipliers and it was up to whichever team was larger or saved up multipliers from the previous round. I submitted the flags with the 11.6x multiplier on the last round and hoped for the best.

The predictors and many players on Reddit were mentioning that Gullevig’s team is larger than Dimitri’s, so this was a surprise for me. I’m glad the banner is all green.

Will I summon?

Definitely. I would like to get some more modern +10 units to improve my account power. I don’t have Wind Tribe Claude, Winter Dimitri, or Attuned Peony, so this will be a great addition. Also, I don’t have any fire legendary units merged up yet, so having Alear merged will help me in the Arena. I have two +10 water legendaries, one +10 wind legendary, and one +10 earth legendary. Although not necessary, having one fire legendary will help in certain arena weeks where the bonus legendary unit is a fire legendary. Legendary Hinoka is better than Alear, but Alear does have some advantages since she’s going to be more tanky than my average +10 unit. Most of my +10 units thus far have been pure nukes, with exception of my regular Alear (F) that I got from last year’s AHR.

I would’ve liked to get some Astra mythics on the banner, because my Aether Raids offense team for Astra really badly needs merges. My score is so low in the Astra/Anima season, but this is fine too. Other than Alear, the other three heroes don’t actually score very well in the Arena compared to units like Duo Sanaki or Winter Edelgard.

Either way, I don’t have any super strong preferences for who I want to +10, so I’m excited to summon on this banner with all 1,000 orbs I’ve saved up!

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