Why Valorant is Harder than it Looks

If you ever watch your favorite YouTubers or pros play Valorant, it seems so effortless when they frag out. In this article I will be going over why it seems so easy to pros get kills and win.

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Why It Looks Easy

Valorant looks easy to people because they simply don’t understand. Pro players and your favorite YouTubers play the game a lot, and therefore are more experienced. Not only that, but they understand the game and how people play. There are two main components when it comes to a player: their game sense, and their mechanics. Game sense is basically understanding how the people play this game. That can include timings, agent abilities, positioning. Mechanics are more of your aim and movement. YouTubers and pro players have really good mechanics and game sense.

To improve your game sense, the only way is to play more and watch other people play. As you familiarize yourself more with the game, you will notice that there is a pattern with how people play. For your aim, you have to actually train your aim. That could be through a separate game like aim labs, or just playing deathmatch.

However, radiant and immortal games are a lot different then lower ranked games. People higher up, tend to play by a textbook. In certain scenarios, all players would do the same thing. So, if you watch a YouTuber do something dumb and get a lot of kills, it is unexpected which is why they can get kills. Speaking from experience, a lot of lower ranks like gold play very weird, and is hard to read them, so you can’t really predict what they are going to do.


Something else to note, if you have ever been in a clutch situation, you might have been nervous. Pro players do this for a living, so they would also be nervous. However, they are able to handle the nerves and don’t let it get to them. YouTubers are different, they play to enjoy and to make content, therefore they wouldn’t be too worried about losing a clutch.

Although you might be struggling to perform well in Valorant right now, as you play more, you will notice that the game gets easier. So, before you go and think Valorant is easy for these players, I would ask you to question why that is.

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