Bad Start to the New Act – Valorant

The new act just started about a week ago. I have played a little bit over the weekend and this past week. In this article, I will be going over how I have been doing in this new act in Valorant.

Valorant New Act

This new act has not been going well for me. I haven’t played well at all. I’m losing all my games.

Recent Games2

As you can see, I’m playing a bunch of different roles and that hasn’t been working out for me. It seems like I play better on duelist, however, I have a baiting play style. Which means that I’m not that good for entry so I play duelists like Reyna and Yoru.

I am probably going to start aim training on aim labs to work on my aim fundamentals. I have really shaky aim and I get nervous a lot in clutch situations. My aim is definitely the worst part about my game.

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