The Best Knife Skin in Valorant

There are tons of knife skins in Valorant, some good, some not so good. Knife skins are pretty expensive, so it might be hard to decide which one you should buy. In this article, I will be going over my recommendations for knife skins if you are looking to make a purchase.

Valorant Knives

Prime 2.0 Karambit

prime 2.0

Although the Karambit has some more basic animations, I think the pull-out animation is very satisfying. Also, the sound it makes when you inspect it and pull it out sounds so nice. If I had this knife, I would definitely be tempted to keep inspecting it mid-round. This knife is on the cheaper side too, being about $35 compared to other knives, which is nice. Pro player NRG Demon1 uses this knife, and because of that, people will buy the knife because they think it will make them better at the game.

Kuronami No Yaiba

Kuronami knife

Speaking of the more expensive knives, this knife is pretty pricey. You would have to pay about $55 for this knife. However, the inspect animation is more complex and really cool. I don’t know if that makes it worth that much money. Some pro players like Sen TenZ use this knife, which is also a reason people might want to buy this one.

Ignite Fan

Ignite Fan

The Ignite Fan at level 1 reminds me of the ruin dagger. The ruin dagger is considered one of the best knives in the game by the community. I personally think the knife at level 1 is better than level 2. The pull-out animation is better, and it reminds me of the ruin dagger. The ruin dagger, however, cannot be acquired anymore since it was from Episode 1 Act 1’s battle pass. Therefore, the only way to get the skin is to buy someone’s account.

These are my knife recommendations. I like these skins a lot even though I do not have them. So, if you are looking to buy some knife skins, I would check these out to see if any of these pique your interest.

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