Loot From 9 Nucleus Runs – Hypixel Skyblock

A lot of people do nucleus runs for money, but how profitable is it? I decided to test it out and do 9 of them.

Nucleus Runs


Each run took me 3-4 minutes. I had farmed up the tools from the Mines of Divans before hand to speed things up. After 9 runs, this is the loot I got.


I made 21.3 million coins, not including the cost of the automaton parts. That is pretty good since that took me less than an hour. It’s also easy to do since I just watched YouTube on the other monitor the entire time. Which made the time pass faster.

If you would like to earn some money, I would definitely recommend doing nucleus runs. The most annoying part is farming up the tools from the Mines of Divan’s.



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