AHR 2023 Red Dream 5-Star Rates – Fire Emblem: Heroes


It’s finally happening! The event that I’ve been looking forward to over this past year. I began saving orbs since about November, and am currently (as of writing this article) at about 1,050. In this article, I’ll talk about my predictions for the Non-Red units that will win in the A Hero Rises (AHR) 2023 event. In case you’d like to see my predictions for the red units, you can find that here.

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Got Harmonic Linde on my Free Summon!

I’ve been quite on the unlucky streak lately. I got no 5-stars on the Christmas or New Years’ Banners, even with all of the free Summon Tickets we received.

In summary, we received:

  • 5 tickets for the Gods Renewed banner
  • 10 tickets for the Double Special Heroes (ω) banner
  • 3 tickets for Shez Legendary Hero banner
  • 3 tickets for last year’s Christmas banner
  • 3 tickets for 2 years’ ago Christmas banner

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A Hero Rises (AHR) 2023 Predictions for Red – Fire Emblem Heroes

With AHR 2023 coming in the middle/end of March 2023, I’ve started saving up my orbs. At the moment, I’ve saved up about 400 Orbs and it’s the middle of December. At about 250 Orbs per month, I estimate that I’ll have around 1,200 orbs by then. In last year’s AHR banner, I spent about 1,300 orbs and barely got one of the units to +10. You can read about that here. This year, however, the likelihood of an all-green banner again is very unlikely, meaning that we need more orbs on average to get those +10 units.

The voting period happens at the beginning of February. Let’s go over my predictions of the likely candidates for AHR 2023.

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