Predictions for AHR 2024 | Fire Emblem: Heroes

It’s getting close to that time of year again. A Hero Rises time!

Currently, I have managed to save 485 orbs. I would’ve saved up more by this time, but I spent some on the Legendary Camilla banner to finally finish +10ing my Askr. You can check out my summoning results for that banner here.

In this article, I will go over my predictions for potential A Hero Rises candidates. Players will vote on a hero. The top 8 heroes will be placed on a voting gauntlet. All players get one copy of the winner, and the heroes that make the top 4 will get put on a banner. If 3-4 of the units on that banner share the same color, then +10ing at least one of them will cost significantly less orbs! On top of that, the unit quality on these is generally very high.

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Can I finish +10 Askr? – L!Camilla Summons – Fire Emblem: Heroes

It’s that time of year again! I’ve started saving orbs for the 2024 A Hero Rises event, which happens at the end of March. I’ve currently saved up 710 orbs.


However, I did notice that Askr has appeared on this banner. I have him at +8, and if I can two copies of him, I can finally have my first +10 mythic unit. I am able to consistently hit tier 39 in Aether raids already with my +8 Askr, but it would be nice to have him at +10 so then I can use him in the Arena as well.

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The best way to earn tickets for the year 300 raffle – Hypixel Skyblock


With Hypixel Skyblock reaching 300 in-game years (1,500 real-life days), the Admins have decided to do something special.

By just being on Hypixel Skyblock, you earn raffle tickets that give you a chance to earn huge prizes during the Skyblock Year 300 (5 real-life days). Some of the top prizes from the raffle include Necron’s Handles, Divan’s Alloys, and Warden Hearts!

The event is already underway. You can find more information in the Patch notes.

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