My 4th +10 5-Star Exclusive Hero

Since last year AHR was so good and the cost of hero per orb was the lowest ever for me, I had been saving my orbs to anticipate this year AHR banner. Unfortunately, all red banner dream was no longer a possibility. I was still hoping that the banner will still be good. Unfortunately, Duo Chrom failed to win the first round of AHR. With that, my dream for pouring out all of my orbs on this upcoming AHR banner is gone.

So, I decided that I’ll be summoning on this year AHR only until the 1st spark and I’ll be using the orbs I’d saved on my merge project. I summoned today on the latest legendary banner and managed to get my 4th +10 5* exclusive hero.

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Fire Emblem Heroes As Of January 2023

It’s January 2023 now. Intelligent Systems just released an update to Fire Emblem Heroes yesterday. Choose Your Legend starts earlier this year than usual. Fire Emblem Engage is going to be release in the next few weeks. And finally, FEH 6th anniversary is going to come really soon.

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Fire Emblem Heroes – 2022 In Review

It’s the last day of year 2022. Tomorrow, it’ll be 2023. Let’s spend a bit of time to look back for my progress in Fire Emblem Heroes this year. Year 2022 is the year when I finally was able to +10 exclusive 5* hero, not just one, but I managed to make 3 of them this year. What an accomplishment for a F2P. It was a hard journey to get there. Let’s take a look.

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Maximizing My Arena Summon rewards

I think it’s about time that I post the tips on how to prioritize on which color to pick when redeeming the arena summon reward. Starting 12/6, we can get 1 arena ticket per week and with that ticket we can get a 4* special hero. So, it’s best to plan on how to maximize the rewards.

In order to evaluate the best options for me, I lay out all of my options in excel. I created my own criteria on what I considered important for me. Follow along to see how I go about my available options. That way, you can also plan for which is the best options for you – considering gacha luck varies for all players.

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