Rearmed Ingrid Summons – Fire Emblem: Heroes

A while ago, I summoned on Rearmed Ingrid’s banner. I was still saving orbs to summon on Legendary Yuri and Veronica’s banner rerun at the end of June. I decided that I could spare a few orbs considering that the end of June was still a couple months away. Since I recently finished playing through all the routes of Fire Emblem: Three Hopes, I was pretty excited when this banner first came out. Here’s how my summons went.


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1300 orbs vs 2022 AHR Summons

The AHR Banner is here!

A few days ago, I summoned on the AHR 2022 banner. I spent a lot of the orbs that I’ve been saving up over the past few months.

A user by the name of Eldervi has done the math and created a cool infographic here. The average orb cost per 5-star unit is 19 orbs. This means that with my 1,300 orbs, I should be expecting somewhere around 68 5-star units with average luck.

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