Step 1 of Building Fallen Chrom – FEH

A couple months ago, I had summoned enough to +10 Fallen Chrom. Since Fallen Chrom is a rearmed hero, his skills can be inherited without losing him. Currently in the remix banner, there is CYL! Chrom who has Spd/Def Near Trace 3 and Surge Sparrow which will be really good for Fallen Chrom. Since I saved up 143 orbs I decided to summon for 2 CYL Chrom’s, 1 for my collection and 1 to fodder him.



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Spending 1800 orbs summoning on Veronica – Fire Emblem: Heroes

Legendary Veronica and Yuri are on this banner, so you know what that means. It’s the long awaited summoning session that’s supposed to be this year’s replacement for this year’s A Hero Rises event.

I’m really hoping that I have enough orbs saved up. I’ve been saving orbs since late last year, but I have also pulled on some banners here and there for units such as Rearmed Ingrid (see this post) and Legendary Hinoka (see this post).

My Goals for this summoning session

  • 10 Copies of Legendary Yuri, since I already have 1 copy (see this post)
  • 8 Copies of Legendary Veronica, since I already have 3 copies (see this post)
  • 11 Copies of Alear
  • 9 Copies of Askr
  • 1 Legendary Guinivere, so that I don’t need to fish for high-scoring opponents this month in the Arena

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This New Minion Upgrade Makes 16 mil/day! – Hypixel Skyblock

The Rift is the newest edition to Hypixel Skyblock. The Rift has tons of new content and items that will help both early game and late game earn lots of money. In this article, I will tell you about a new minion upgrade that can help your minions make over 16,000,000 coins per day. These minions beat corrupted slime minions by 10,000,000 coins!

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