Why TenZ is Popping Off in VCT

In Sentinels’ matches during VCT a couple of weeks ago, TenZ has been playing very well. Ever since the new roster change, TenZ has moved off the main duelist role and swapped to more of a support role. He tends to play either Omen or Kayo now, who are more support characters. In this article, I will be going over why TenZ is playing very well on these agents.


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Why TenZ was the MVP for Sentinels against Loud

The U.S. team Sentinels defeated the Brazilian team Loud 3-2 at the qualifiers of VCT. It was a very close match, however, TenZ from Sentinels stood out in the match, with a KDR of 84/72/48. That is huge, since TenZ is a flex player who tends to play every role on the team depending on the map. In this article we’ll be looking at why TenZ played so well in this match.


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