Narcian Grand Hero Battle Strategy (Ft. -Atk Reinhardt)

narcian_ghbNarcian came back for a limited time until 9/6. But this time, there’s an additional Infernal mode and some quests.

Narcian – Wyvern General

One of three Wyvern Generals of Bern. Conceited and vainglorious. Appear in Fire Emblem: The Binding Blade

I use the following strategy to complete it.

The new Infernal mode has 4 stars Narcian and 2,000 feathers as the reward.

When I first battle Narcian few months ago, it was really hard. I didn’t have many heroes back then. I don’t quite remember, but I think we didn’t have skill inheritance yet at that time.

After Valter GHB, I feel that Narcian GHB is not as difficult. Enemy stats are highly inflated, but there’s no enemy reinforcement.

This time, I only made video guide for the Infernal mode.

Here’s the team I use to defeat Narcian.


  • Reinhardt – As you’ve probably known from my previous videos or posts, my Reinhardt is -Atk. Though many considered him not usable due to his bad IV, I think he’s good enough to use in some battles. He may not be optimal for Arena battle though. He needs Death Blow 3, Draw Back and Luna skills. I gave him Atk+1 seal.
  • Xander – Standard build for him with Bonfire, Quick Riposte, Hone Cavalry and Draw Back (since I don’t have reposition) skills.
  • Legion – 4 stars with vanilla skills. Need Spd+1 seal to double an enemy unit.
  • Olivia – 4 stars with vanilla skills. She doesn’t fight and doesn’t get hit. She doesn’t need to be 40+1. I’ve merged her before and I can’t unmerge.

Since Reinhardt is -Atk, he needs the Hone Cavalry buff from Xander in order to defeat an enemy. Without it, Reinhardt will be defeated.

Here’s the complete video guide for Infernal mode


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