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I got Summer Elise while summoning on the Nohrian Summer banner. I leveled her up to level 40, but haven’t given her skill inheritance yet. Is Summer Elise any good?

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Tropical Princess:
A Nohrian princess who loves her siblings and has matured a little by taking a solo trip to a tropical island.

Summer Elise Review

My Summer Elise has the pretty good IV of +Spd and -Def. I still need to inherit a bunch of skills such as Draconic Aura and Gronnblade, but currently, with her default skills, she’s pretty good.

  • Good speed and attack. Similar to Nino.
  • Unique weapon allows teammates within 2 spaces of her to get 1 more attack and speed.
  • Comes with a unique Rally skill.
  • Comes with Green Tome Valor, which only she has, makes grinding SP easier.
  • Decent Res.
  • Low defense and HP, which means she’s weak to physical attackers, like Archers.
  • I don’t have too many other Green mages that benefit from Green Tome Valor. My Nino and Ceceila are both drowning in over 5,000 SP, so no one really needs any more SP.

Summer Elise is very relatable to Nino. Her stats compared to Nino’s are nearly identical, except that Nino is slightly faster, but has slightly lower attack.

Skills to Inherit
  • Obviously, with all mages, inherit the -blade tomes. For Summer Elise, I’ll inherit Gronnblade.
  • Reposition or Draw Back: These are the best two positioning skills in the game, so I think I’ll do Draw Back, since I don’t have many Repositions to give to her.
  • Life and Death: Her speed is already high, so I’ll inherit L&D to make her speed and attack even higher. Her defense is already pretty low to begin with, so lowering it even further shouldn’t be that big of a deal. Fury would also work.
  • Desperation: This lets her double people when her HP is low, unless the enemy has hardy bearing.
  • For the C skill, I’ll swap between G Tome Valor and Hone Attack. Since I’ll be teaming up with Eirika or Ephraim (-blade tomes), it’s a good idea to help them get more attack.

She is very similar to Nino, meaning if you have a Nino, you probably don’t need her. But for cases where you’re not allowed to use the same character twice, such as the Arena Assault or the Squad Assault, then having both a Nino and a Summer Elise is a good thing, because then, you’re able to use similar green mages twice.

5* Lv. 40 Conversation

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