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I summoned Brave Lyn from the free Brave Heroes banner. I leveled her up to level 40 a really long time ago, but haven’t given her skill inheritance yet. Is Brave Lyn any good?

Brave Lyn Level40

A woman who grew up on the plains. Uses the bow, like her father, Hassar. Appears in Fire Emblem: The Blazing Blade.

Brave Lyn Review

The Lyn I got from the choose your legends summon has a neutral IV. She’s really good. Here’s what I inherited onto her.

Brave Lyn with Skill InheritancePros
  • Special Bow Mulagir ignores all mage buffs, making her a good anti-blade mage unit. Bow also gives her Spd+3.
  • Lyn is a calvary unit, meaning she can move 3 spaces AND can receive hone/goad calvary buffs.
  • Comes with Swift Sparrow 2, which gives her Atk/Spd+4 when she attacks.
  • Really, really high speed.
  • Sacae’s blessing lets her attack physical units with distant counter (like Hector and Ike) without them counterattacking. This is really useful in the Arena, when facing full armor teams with distant counter.
  • Attack smoke indirectly gives her Def/Res+7, because it lowers enemies’ attacks within 2 spaces by 7.
  • Low defense.

Brave Lyn can basically defeat anyone, given hone cavalry buffs, except for -wolf tome users, -raven tome users, and any other effective-against-cavalry weapon users. Be careful of Micaiah, as she’s too bulky for Brave Lyn to defeat without any buffs or specials.

Skills to Inherit
  • She’s missing an assist skill, so I would recommend Draw Back. I feel that reposition is more for tanky units and Brave Lyn has low defense.
  • Maybe cancel affinity if you want her to be effective against any heroes using weapons that are effective against Lyn, but then your anti-distant counter skill is gone. It depends on what you want for her.
  • I would recommend replacing Sacae’s Blessing, which is more to be used in arena, and inherit Desperation 3. This will help her attack twice before the enemy can attack, since her speed is already very, very high.
  • Maybe Brave Bow or Firesweep Bow. If you want to use these, go ahead, but remember that her Mulagir Bow grants Spd+3, which means if you’re going to inherit Brave Bow+, then your speed will go down by 8.
  • And as always, since she’s a calvary unit, give either Hone Cavalry or Fortify Cavalry. But her default Atk Smoke 3 will also work just fine.

Brave Lyn is already very good right from the get-go. Just learn her default skills and she’s very good. When given the Calvary buffs, she can defeat more than 90% of everyone else. She’s also a good anti-blade tome user unit.

Saying that Brave Lyn is good is a complete understatement. She is amazingly good.


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