Fire Emblem Heroes – What’s Wrong With This Picture? – Rebecca

I recently got Rebecca: Wild Flower.

As I looked through the artwork, though, I noticed something very off.

Here is Rebecca in her normal state.rebecca-normal-stateHowever, if you scroll to the right (the next picture), you’ll see this photo:

rebecca-whats-wrong-with-this-photoHmmm… Can you guess what’s wrong with this photo?


If you said that the bowstring was missing, then you’d be right!

Rebecca has been out for a very long time (Early March of 2017!), so my question is how come no one has noticed that Rebecca’s artwork is slightly broken?

Rebecca appears in Paralogue 3-2, along with Karel and Ninian. Has no one paid attention to the art?

S!Gaius had his artwork fixed when people raised the issue of his bowstring being slightly off, but at least he had a bowstring.

Her bowstring, which is essential for a bow to work, is missing!

However, the rest of the artwork is fine, it’s only her attacking art.

Nintendo, please fix this highly critical issue.

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