Tempest Trials – Zelgius Spawning Fail?

So, I was playing the tempest trials the other day, and I noticed something very strange occurring on this specific map of the tempest trials: A Zelgius Fail.

Zelgius does not spawn with a weapon. Shocking!

Proof of Zelgius not Spawning with a weapon:
The above screenshot is provided by me. I did not steal this photo from Reddit. Credit to Nintendo for the creation of the game Fire Emblem: Heroes.

A Bug?

According to some people on reddit, this seems to be a bug in the way enemies spawn on a map. A slight oversight on which enemies spawn on this map. The only part that makes this annoying is that Zelgius literally stays still if he’s the only one left, since he cannot run away if he’s the only one left. And with my horse emblem team, that means I have to run all the way around the right side to get him. This costs me several turns, which slows down my overall speed stats, so I sometimes get a B-rank on my speed.

I have encountered Zelgius at least three times in this tempest trials so far. All of those times he did not spawn with a weapon.

Dear Nintendo,

Please fix this bug, as it’s causing a lot of players to get annoyed that Zelgius does not rush in as every other enemies do.


This only seems to happen on the hardest difficulties, though, as hard 5 has Zelgius spawning normally. It seems that Nintendo has removed Zelgius from spawning in the Hardest difficulties.Zelgius-fixed



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