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Bloons TD 6 is a new game. Many people don’t know the hidden secrets of BTD6. Getting free insta-monkeys are a lesser-known fact, since it’s not listed anywhere in the game itself.

How to get Free Insta-Monkeys

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A little-known fact about BTD6 is their use of Insta-Monkeys. Insta-monkeys are a one-time use item that appear in the powers menu. They can come in all different varieties. For example, in my screenshot above, I have one 2-0-1 druid, one 0-0-1 druid, and two 0-0-0 druids. They seem to sort from “best to worst” with the best ones on top and the worst ones on the bottom.

You can get free insta-monkeys by playing the daily challenges, or collecting daily rewards. However, another free way to get insta-monkeys is to beat round 100 on any map on any difficulty. Insta-monkeys received from beating round 100, 200, 300, etc will be at least tier 3, meaning that at least one of the paths will be upgraded to 3rd tier.

A good way to get round 100 insta-monkeys is by taking a daily challenge to round 100, if it requires you, say, to go to round 80.

Additionally, you can get free insta-monkeys from completing the achievements.

Quirks About Instas

If you place down an insta-monkey in the middle of a round, and then press home to “restart” the round, the insta-monkey will disappear, causing you to lose your free monkey. All powers also have this same problem where if you place them, quit or game crash before the next round when auto-save occurs, the insta-monkey disappears and is no longer in your inventory. According to Ninja Kiwi, this is intended behavior. Proof. Be wary of this and don’t accidentally delete your high-level insta-monkey.

According to u/Speedorama, they got a 4-2-0 sun temple super monkey insta-monkey from beating the End of the Road map on Hard. However, the 4-2-0 super monkey does not sacrifice towers upon placement. Ninja Kiwi confirmed that this was intended behavior, so in theory, you could place lots of Sun Temples right next to each other, assuming that you have enough of those insta-monkeys.

Reddit Post of Temple Not Sacrificing Towers

Farm enough insta-monkeys, and your collection can be shown off to friends. The collection is located on the main screen, in the powers tab.

Screenshot_20190411-200621_Bloons TD 6

Screenshot_20190411-200626_Bloons TD 6Screenshot_20190411-200630_Bloons TD 6Screenshot_20190411-200642_Bloons TD 6

Farming Instas

After farming many hundred insta-monkeys I wasn’t able to get any 5th tier instas. I got many, many 3rd and 4th tier instas. Maybe I’m just unlucky, or maybe they don’t come in the 5th tier variant. Either way, I didn’t get any despite my many hours of farming.

A patched way to get to round 100 was by playing deflation mode on the map Logs. This would be a good way to get to round 100 without having to do any work. Unfortunately, it’s been patched by Ninja Kiwi.

Another patched way to get to farm insta-monkeys was due to exploiting the way insta-monkeys are awarded. They were awarded when round 100 was beaten. However, Ninja Kiwi changed it to be awarded when the round 100 BAD is popped…

The Exploit

This is when I remembered reading an update to apopalypse mode where the round wouldn’t advance until you defeated all the bloons in the previous rounds. Apopalypse mode is a mode where bloons from the next round are sent immediately after the bloons from the previous round are sent.

There are many problems with Apopalypse mode, such as the game not telling you that you beat round 60 (which is the required round to reach) due to the bloons from rounds 61 spawning early, and most likely, your other towers would have beaten the bloons round 61 before popping the BFB, so the round number would change to 62 once the BFB was popped.

Apopalypse mode saves your game at the end of the “popped” round, which saves almost everything except for the round number, which includes money, lives, the pop counters of your towers, and tower placements. This means that if you pop all of the bloons on round 2 before popping the round 1 bloons (which could be done with a few snipers set to last), then home screen and return to the game, your money and towers would be updated, but the round number would not. However, if you pop all of the bloons on round 1 before popping them on round 2, your round would increase to 2 the next time you load the game. Apopalypse seems to take the lowest round you didn’t clear yet and sets that as the round number in the top right corner.

Since I realized that the insta-monkey reward was tied to the BAD bloon, I tried to get a setup where I wouldn’t defeat any of the bloons coming out from round 98 or 99, and then insta-kill the BAD using first strike abilities. This was what I came up with:

Screenshot_20190411-201903_Bloons TD 6

Those ZOMGs on the screen are from round 98, and since my towers here aren’t strong enough to pop them, I can kill the BAD using two first-strike subs. After popping the BAD, I would immediately home screen and since I “cleared” round 100, the money and tower placement would save the instant the BAD was popped, meaning that the money that I earned popping and waiting for the BAD to spawn would be saved, which is how I have $2.8 million, and afforded the Legend of the Night Supermonkey.

Since apopalypse is randomly generated, this strategy might be difficult to replicate, but it is doable, depending on what bloons spawn. Those BFBs are from round 99, and those MOABs are from round 101.

After returning to the home screen, I would just continue apopalypse from round 98, rinse and repeat, and get an insta-monkey around every 25-30 seconds.


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