Arena Tier 21 Cut-off Score – Earth Season – Fire Emblem Heroes

The arena cut-off score has increased considerably since the latest update IS made early December 2019. Starting in version 4.0, players will get +12 points per game as long as they use a bonus hero to defeat at least 1 enemy. Prior to the update, player will get +3 points for every enemy that the bonus hero defeat. Maximum extra points per game remain the same at +12. However, since player has to defeat only 1 enemy with bonus hero, it has negative effect to the overall score.

Since it’s much easier to get the +12 points, the majority of players will get this extra points. The variations come from the base arena team score and how much the player are willing to fish for the higher score. Skill becomes less important in this mode now. The new change benefits less skillful players that invest more money (more wisely) in the game. The armor meta is now making a comeback. As of today, (Duo?) Armor heroes score the highest.

My arena score for the arena season that just ended today was pretty much at the borderline. I’m rank 1,207 out of 1,213 people who maintain arena tier 21. I took this snapshot just 1 minute prior to the end of the arena season. This is the closest I’ve been to the cut-off score. Prior to the change, I’m typically rank about 200-400 above the cut-off.


My score this week was 3,800 or 748 + 12 bonus per game. This is too close to my liking. It’s better to score at least 750 + 12 bonus per game. My team base score is 739. So, in theory, the team I face should be in the range of 737 to 751 (or 736 to 750 due to rounding down). Unfortunately, this week I have never gotten the 750 score. The maximum score I got was 748 (I spent about 15 crests or 45 swords fishing the score).


My score during the Legendary Ike week was 3,820 or 752 + 12 bonus per game. That score was not enough to maintain tier 21. I think the cut-off score was about 3,826 or 3,828.

In my opinion, the latest change to the arena is not good. Score gets highly inflated. You’ll need to spend money in order to increase your base score. The current highest scoring heroes are the duo armor units with 185 BST. So, if you have 3 duo armor heroes at +10, the right blessing and the right bonus hero, you’ll definitely score at the top. Although it’s still possible for F2P to maintain arena tier 21 every week, it’s definitely harder now.

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