Was Getting +10 Legendary Azura Worth It? – Fire Emblem Heroes

A while ago, I completed my 2-year project: +10ing a 5-star-locked unit. In this case, it was Legendary Azura. I’ve been pulling for since her Debut banner (Dec 27, 2018), and finally completed her on December of 2020. It’s been a long journey, and after using her a ton, here’s my review of her.


Legendary Azura

Above is the build I usually run when playing the Arena. Her build is pretty much maxed, except for a 300sp c-skill, which does not increase her scoring (so I didn’t do it). I chose +Spd because often times, units I face in the arena are super fast, and since she isn’t the one doing the fighting most of the time, I need her to be able to tank the occasional hit without getting doubled and dying. Good thing we have the Trait Fruits, so I don’t have to merge another one in case I wanted to change the IVs in the future.

She is currently Ally Supported to Itsuki. Itsuki’s statspread is pretty good, and he can use the extra stats in the Arena.

I haven’t given her the new B Duel Flying 4 skill, because I didn’t want to spend my orbs on that banner. Azura is fine currently as-is.

I run Aerobatics and Guidance because movement in the Arena is important. Flame Emperor is on my Arena core, and with Azura as my main flier, this is how it goes.

I run Atk Tactic as her c-slot because my arena team usually allows for it, I don’t run more than 3 of the same movement type unit. Furthermore, most of my units are enemy-phase, so they’re usually within 2 spaces of each other.

My Thoughts

She is a really, really good support unit. First off, she provides Dance support, which makes the Arena 10x easier. Additionally, she also grants a +6 or +7 buff to whoever she dances, and those buffs make the Arena much easier.

Additionally, when I use her in Allegiance Battles, that game mode becomes much, much easier than it previously was, because Dancers just make this gamemode so easy.

She’s a support unit, however, if there’s a red or blue unit that has really low res in the arena, she can help out occasionally. She is also a mage, so she can provide Sorcery Blade support to another unit.

She’s saved me so much time because I don’t have to think as hard when playing these modes. Overall, she’s a very good unit to have around, and now that she’s +10, I can use her in my Arena team even outside of Water season.

I only use her in Aether Raids (offense and defense) only if it’s Water season. She’s very good on Defense because she provides that extra +1 movement. Same with offense. Gotta watch out for the Panic Manor, but other than that, she’s a very good support unit.


Legendary Azura PVEHere’s what I usually use for PvE. Team comps vary, but I rarely tend to use fliers. I usually end up using Legendary Chrom, Reinhardt, Ares, Legendary Leif, and Brave Veronica. I tend to use a lot of Cavalry units in PvE because of their mobility. Although most of them are capped on HM, and Azura is also capped, it doesn’t really matter that much to me that I’m wasting a few feathers. Of course, if I’m farming something like Tempest Trials or Forging Bonds, then I’ll use units that aren’t maxed on HM, but for modes like Chain Challenge, GHB, and Story quests, I often find myself using Azura. She’s just one of those go-to units that I always have in my team because it makes everything so much easier and faster.

She is usually tanky enough to survive a hit from most Red and some Blue units, and fast enough to not get doubled.

Was It Worth However Many Orbs I Spent?

I spent a lot of orbs on Azura. I even foddered one to Est, so that I could use her in the Arena, meaning that I needed to get a total of 12 Azuras throughout my time playing FEH.

I know that Legendary Banners aren’t the best in terms of sniping a single legendary unit, and I did end up getting at least +2 Legendary Chrom, +6 Legendary Julia, and +2 Legendary Tiki along the way. I probably got a ton more, but I can’t recall off the top of my head.

Overall, I’d say yeah, I got pretty good value out of Azura. She makes playing FEH so much easier. Her +1 movement, along with +5/6/7 buff an ally’s stats is just so good.

Top-tier unit in my opinion.

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