This Week in Hypixel Skyblock – January 9 – January 15

Welcome to this week’s Hypixel Skyblock news! This week was definitely a interesting one for Hypixel Skyblock. This edition of This Week in Hypixel Skyblock covers important events that happened from January 9 – January 15!

Events That Occured This Week

Dungeon Fixes and Item Nerfs (January 10)

Admins released patches which include many major and important bug fixes and changes. You can see those changes here.

Dungeon Related Fixes

The main things to note are:

  • Fixed wither cloak shield still being active while dead in Dungeons or Kuudra. Also fixed the ability cooldown correctly while on the mage role in dungeons. Last thing they fixed about it was it cancelling if you deactivated and reactivated the ability before it would have expired.
  • Thorn Spirit Bow no longer gets removed if it is picked up again too quickly.
  • Fixed Bonzo mask and upgraded Bonzo mask having separate cooldowns which allowed for it to be used twice.
  • Changed Kuudra dropship TNT, Bonzo’s explosive balloons and the power dragon’s TNT to now deal true knockback.
  • Fixed and exploit with dropping training weights on join.
  • Changed lava bounce code in dungeons and Kuudra which makes it more reliable. Many players are happy about this.
  • They fixed the lineup terminal puzzle in F7/M7 to be less laggy and more responsive. Every single dungeon player is happy about this as many runs were thrown because of this.
  • Made doors in dungeons open faster.

Other Fixes

  • Changed the fresh tools Kuudra perk to scale better, this is going to be nice.
  • Mobs spawned by minions no longer having collisions, damage indicators and health holograms. This includes the slime minion where many players would afk on their island killing slimes, to earn lots of money, but now slime spawned by the minion no longer splits which slows down the efficiency by around 10%.
  • Wolf Fur Mixin effect works now.
  • Ghoul pet reaper soul perk works now which increases the minion health from the reaper scythe.
  • Fixed a bug where Dark Claymore killed mobs twice. Rip to the ghost farmers who abusing this bug.
  • Fixed a bug where some Jerry’s Workshops mobs were not being blacklisted from the Totem of Corruption effect. Which allowed players to kill other players by making all those mobs corrupted.
  • Fixed the North Star counter not always appearing.
  • Fixed lower tier Kuudra Cores accessories reforge stats stacking if you had multiple in your accessory bag.

Admins currently seem to be deleting duped items. Also a weird bug in dungeons where you cannot see some items in chests at the end.

Screenshot 2023-01-16 001251

Skyblock Levels Part 2 (January 11)

Skyblock levels part 2 update was released and is pretty interesting. The Skyblock leveling menu is now accessed through the main Skyblock menu rather than your skyblock profile. Skyblock chapters and to-do list was not added in this update which was seen in the Alpha network. It is expected that we will see it in the future. You can see those changes here.

Ways to Level Up

With this update 3887 new XP is now in the game. Along with this, a new system was released which shows how you can gain XP to level up. This essentially assigns tasks to complete, and as a reward for completing them, you receive XP. You can level up 38 more times now. However one thing to note is that it does not track your old events such as spooky festivals and mining fiestas.

Screenshot 2023-01-15 231007

Smaller Changes
  • You can see all enchantments in the bazaar.
  • museum tracks item value properly with enchants now

Many players do not see this update as big or significant because the admins did not release the Chapters and were expecting it. Admins probably couldn’t get it out on time and just released everything that was ready.

On the Alpha server, there have been changes to the Skyblock Menu (rip muscle memory), a new place in the hub, and a form of a cookie update.

Screenshot 2023-01-15 232847

Skyblock Menu

The bottom right is cleared out, new booster cookie menu, and a new sacks menu. The trades menu where you can sell and trade items is now in the recipe book area.

Screenshot 2023-01-15 233527

Sacks Menu

The sacks menu has sacks of sacks, fishing bag, fishing bag, potion bag, and accessory bag which is only accessible through here.

Screenshot 2023-01-15 233119


Booster Cookie Menu

Many of the utility items have been moved here. You can now buy cookies directly from this menu, and there seems to be a clicking simulator, Cookie Clicker. While its purpose is unknown it is still funny that cookie clicker is now in this game. Also seems to be a ranking which will make this competitive as well as have many people afking and auto clicking this to maintain leaderboard positions.

Screenshot 2023-01-15 233905

Screenshot 2023-01-15 234206Screenshot 2023-01-15 234307

New Zone

This new zone meanwhile has no purpose, many people speculate that it will soon maybe with a guild update or a new island.

Screenshot 2023-01-15 234725

Other Events

A bunch of back end changes that will hopefully fix players getting randomly kicked.


That’s it for this week’s Hypixel Skyblock updates and happenings! A fairly light week, some real exciting things happening on the alpha server. Tune in next week for more news related to Hypixel Skyblock.

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